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About Us

Looking at the world today and it's myriad problems, most of which have 3 or 4 common denominators, it is obvious that healing on a massive scale is required. Healing of individuals, families, communities, groups, people's and healing between people's and nations is of utmost importance, indeed it is the foundation upon which future positive and constructive changes can be built. The Healing Centres group was set up in 2014 by a group of concerned citizens from diverse social backgrounds to lobby Governments and Foundations, Businesses and Philantrophic organisations to fund and oversee the building of new types of healing centres in many countries and states to bring more thorough, deeper and lasting healing to many peoples globally. It seeks to identify the best international practises and methodologies and systems for the healing of mind, emotions, body and spirit, and concentrate these in Holistic Healing centres. The Holistic Healing centres will integrate, coordinate, oversee and deliver many mutually inclusive healing, healthcare, economic and sociological services for the benefit of people using the Healing centre.

We are ordinary people who have chosen to become part of the solution, not become constantly bogged down and trapped in the problems. We welcome others who wish to become part of the solution and make small incremental changes which add up over time to produce big changes. Working Together we all can become the change we wish to see in the world.

No Money or Plenty of Money ? which is it ?
The global cost of bailing out the banks and financial institutions between 2007 and 2014 was $13 trillion (Andrew Haldane, Bank of England estimate), and the global value of the arms trade is $2 trillion per year. This amounts to $15 trillion wasted on corrupt special interests and the promoting of mass murder, slaughter, banking frauds, financial frauds and criminality. In 2015, the value of the Derivatives market, which is pure financial speculation was over $710 trillion (Bank for International Settlements) ; this is over 10 times the global economy. The cost of giving all persons on the planet adequate health care and a decent wage is $86 billion per year (http://www.anielski.com/real-cost-eliminating-poverty/). This figure of $86 billion is very small fraction of the $15 trillion wasted on banking bailouts and war, and special interests ; it is 0.005% of the amount. And $86 billion is less than 0.00001% of the $710 trillion amount wasted on derivatives speculation worldwide. Considering the trillions of dollars wasted on speculation, bailouts of banks and speculators, and mass slaughter and war, there are plenty of financial resources and money to build holistic healing centres, and build justice, social and political stability and peace on earth.


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