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Healing in Countries & Between Countries

‘Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron’
                  - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953

‘Since Auschwitz we know what man is capable of. And since Hiroshima we know what is at stake.’
                  - Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
                - General Smedley Butler, most highly decorated marine corps officer

'War would exist without countries. War emerges from consciousness immersed in division / separation and accompanying injustices'
                  - Anonymous

'War would exist without countries. War emerges from consciousness
immersed in division / separation and accompanying injustices'

War, Conflicts, Terrorism and Human Misery as Profit Centres, a Business Model and Business Strategy
Revelations concerning scandals in big banks from the 1980’s to the present have revealed that certain big banks were involved in many types of crime, arms dealing, wars, regime changes, funding terrorism, drug running, political corruption and money laundering. This has been confirmed by court cases, whistleblowers, witnesses, film documentaries and books. It is well known that wars, conflicts, regime changes, terrorism, etc. are highly profitable for big banks, big corporates and speculators. And these events and problems tend to exist for the purpose of large scale profit and as a Business Model to extract more revenues and profits over time. Whole industries and military industrial complexes have been built for the purpose of war and to exploit human weaknesses, frailties, divisions and low consciousnesses. Their profits are the highest of all industries. This business involves networks of big banks, exchange dealers and financial institutions who act as the intermediaries, big corporates, the Deep State and ‘Shadow Government’ and their vassals such as the secret services, the police, high level military officers, corrupted politicians in developing countries and manipulated sections of the press and media. The latter shamelessly act as cheerleaders for war and conflicts. Vast sums of money are moved through tax havens, foreign exchanges and money dealers, and banking systems to create, manipulate and profit from conflicts and wars, and many forms of criminality, and most of this is largely unknown to the general public. One sees an endless cycle of :

  • wars
  • regional conflicts and ‘regime changes’
  • manipulation of the divisions between people, the incitement of hatred and violence between religious, racial and political groups for profit and geo-political advantages or for resources or for war profits or new market domination. Or a combination of these.
  • tit for tat terrorism between groups and between groups and states for geo-political purposes or for resources or for war profits or new market domination.  Or a combination of these.
  • terrorism and accompanying wars which are created and manipulated by states for geo-political purposes or for resources or for war profits or new market domination.  Or a combination of these.
  • support for corrupt, tyrants and their regimes and their injustices and human rights abuses especially where access to oil and other natural resources are at stake
  • the encirclement of other major powers for the purpose of war or fear of war, coercion and manipulation, control of natural resources and geo-political dominance
  • regime changes manipulated by states or groups for selfish and evil geo-political or for resources or for war profits or new market domination.  Or a combination of these.
  • many of the criminal activities and ‘experiments’ listed in Chapter 10
  • drugs trafficking, child trafficking and arms trafficking across international borders for profits which are recycled back into these activities and into arms, wars, political corruption and the activities mentioned above and below.
  • the cover up of banking frauds, money laundering for criminals, drug cartels, terrorists, child traffickers, arms dealers and other crimes.  A cover up supported by politicians and governments. This was the subject of a great film ‘All the Plenary’s Men” by John Titus in 2017.

fuelling more and more injustices, resentments and terrorism which ultimately feed back into more wars, terror, crime, and so on. Vast profits and sums of money of money are made out of this misery by businesses, banks, and politicians, new weapons, war supplies, large loans, and funding and arming both sides, and this money is recycled back into more conflict, more ‘regime changes’, more terrorism, more crime, including child trafficking, drug trafficking, more money laundering, more bribery of politicians and state officials, and more profits. An endless cycle of greed and misery, which destroys nations and peoples and makes them powerless. This has been verified by banker whistleblowers. And some of this is detailed in the film ‘All the Plenary’s Men’ by John Titus in 2017. All of these wars and crimes feed off the ignorance, passiveness and low consciousness of ordinary people and voters in developed western nations who are brainwashed and deceived by the war mongers, by a compliant and bribed political elite, and by a submissive press and media which spouts lies and manipulations.
This criminality, war and corruption is also supported by religious leaders, spiritual leaders and moral leaders and spiritual institutions who have lost all sense of right and wrong and of morality. The facts and evidence clearly show that many religions exist to support the political, financial and economic structures which promote this war, crime and injustices, and most importantly,  many religions and spiritual organisations make the people subservient, submissive and obedient to these structures. A Pharisee system based on hypocrisy which refuses to challenge the real evils in the world, the corrupted political, financial and economic structures which create havoc, chaos and injustices and grind down the ordinary people in most nations. One sees well dressed (religious / spiritual)  self righteous preachers screaming at people and judging people, but never mentioning or opposing these particular evils in the world. Religious / Spiritual / Moral leaders and their lieutenants have always opposed change, reform, transformation, restructuring, protests, grassroot  movements, protest marches, activist movements, rebellion, etc. They prefer to have people on their knees to corrupted, evil and unjust political and economic masters. The ordinary people need to wake up and question their religious leaders and moral leaders, make them more accountable, and even remove the corrupted and the cowardly.
This is not minor, as war feeds increasingly desperate actions  and reactions, and endless cycles which worsen over time, and the danger of terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction remains very real, as is the danger of a major conflict between the big nuclear powers. Flashpoints continue to arise around the world, and these can easily escalate, giving cause for concern. Various competing interests, both internal and external, feed this escalation, which has in the past led to major wars, and in the future this dynamic may push humanity towards nuclear, biological and chemical war.  The political and economic forces of instability are strongly incentivised to keep destabilising and profiting from conflict. People should worry about their children, grandchildren and loved ones.

Solutions Arising from Causality
Complex problems require complex, multi faceted solutions. There is no one solution to fit all. Multiple lines of causality and overlaps must be analysed, understood, addressed and resolved. It starts with deconstructing root causes and attempting to understand and analyse them, to model them and to model probable solutions and options. And to involve all affected and relevant parties in this process, including representatives from all strata of society. And to acquire new, unique and deep insights from these parties. This may be a long process. And from this, build consensus, agreements and compromises around proposed solutions to facilitate their implementation and probability of success. One must also evaluate and analyse the effectiveness of such options or solutions and establish their effectiveness or non effectiveness. And amend, change, renegotiate, or replace these solutions. This may require multiple iterations.
In the context of this Chapter, we could progress along the following path

        1. The Important Role of Consciousness
        2. War, Conflicts, Terrorism and Human Misery as Profit Centres, a Business Model and Business Strategy  mentioned above
        3. The Lessons of History - 1914 and the Colonial Era
        4. The Core Issues
        5. Intensification of the Pain Body and Pain Field
        6. Money and Resources for Peace and Stability or Money for Wars and Conflicts

1. The Important Role of Consciousness
All problems emerge from a certain level of consciousness and all solutions emerge from a certain level of consciousness. It is consciousness which ultimately determines the motivations, the inner desires, the needs, the wants, the preferences which underlie choices and actions, and the effects and results of all changes, reforms, revolutions, rebellions, etc.. History consistently proves that consciousness is the key factor.
Is it possible to build lasting peace in the world where a majority of political leaders and followers live in a state of low consciousness ? Can selfish, neurotic, greedy, spiritually and mentally ill politicians and their followers ever build peace and justice ? Can screaming, self righteous, egotistical, neurotic, hypocritical (religious / spiritual) preachers who ignore serious injustices and evils in the world achieve peace ? Can peace ever be attained by those trapped in low consciousness ? can reformers, new revolutionary leaders and rebel leaders trapped in low consciousness build a better world for all ?  The answer is ‘no’ and this is true today and has been true throughout history. And it always will be true. All attempts to build lasting peace and better more just societies  in the world have failed while humanity remains trapped in low consciousness. The forces of low consciousness ultimately find expression, creating the necessary tensions, divisions, injustices, paranoia, distrust, and conflicts to undermine harmony, justice, order and peace in the world. The road to higher consciousness is ultimately the road to peace. Healing is a substantial part of this journey to higher consciousness.
Looking at the world today and its myriad problems, most of which have 3 or 4 common denominators, it is obvious that healing on a massive scale is required. The healing of humanity has substantial economic effects and benefits. It could in itself create entirely new economies, and further enhance the productivity and innovation of the existing economies. To understand where we are today, we must find out where we came from, and what is the prevailing social and economic order and how did it emerge ? We must observe our world today from a comprehensive historical context, which would impart greater meaning to our situation today. Below we will look at the build up to World War One prior to August 1914 which has many of the characteristics of the modern world. The level of consciousness is identical.

2. War, Conflicts, Terrorism and Human Misery as Profit Centres, a Business Model and Business Strategy 
This is detailed in a section above

3. The Lessons of History - 1914 and the Colonial Era
History is full of repeating patterns, which keep emerging from low consciousness, and this distinguishing feature describes most of the problems in our world today. The big economic / military powers have repeated the same mistakes of their forefathers prior to World War One, just observe the evidence of low consciousness or unconsciousness in the world today :

  • economic colonialism between the major powers, a vicious competition for resources around the world in the name of an unlimited and unregulated free market. Though this 'free market' is not free, it is skewed and manipulated to serve the interests of the very wealthy and powerful.
  • exploitation of native peoples and theft of their natural resources, oppression of the native people through corrupt laws and brute force, and corruption of their leaders or elites 11
  • it is imperialism and colonialism not nationalism which has caused so many wars in the past. From the time of kings and emperors to the times of colonial governors and their gombeen supporters to the times of dictators and fascists to the times of corporate controlled governments, it is imperialism which is the desire to take over control and exploit other countries and peoples which has fuelled wars and conflicts. It was and still is the imperialist presumption of superiority and the imperialist suppression of national identity, national culture and national sovereignty and national expression which created reactionary often violent nationalist movements for freedom ; that is freedom from imperialism. Imperialism centralises power and takes power away from nation states. The imperialist desire to dominate, control, manipulate, denigrate and belittle, and exploit others, whether it is other individuals or nations or peoples is the cause of much evil, hatreds, and wars in the world. Imperialism is the opposite of nationalism. Nationalism when understood as respect and love for one's own people is a positive thing, and encourages self respect, dignity, respect for others, tolerance and generosity. These are virtues within nationalism which can be developed further to encompass a respect for other peoples and other cultures, and an environment of tolerance, mutual support, cooperation and peace between nations. This positive nationalism can be used to build peace worldwide, a peace based on respect for human rights and human dignity, freedom, equality, wider distributions of wealth, fairness and social justice, and an international trading system which integrates these values fully, which is for the benefit of all nations and all peoples, not a privileged few rich individuals and families.
  • imperialism has several forms, as already mentioned above, in the 20th and 21st century, it involves geo-political games between countries to surround or isolate other major countries who are economic competitors. This includes putting countries into massive debt and dependency to fund public projects or speculation or political projects or waste / corruption and then using this debt to over tax, over price, and enslave whole nations 11  ( see works of the economist John Perkins 11 ). Other forms involve covertly funding extremist political groups and movements, and covertly arming extremist groups, rebels and assassins, to destabilise other powers and using their reaction to attack them in the international press and media, putting in new dictators or removing old ones. The objective being to gain military supremacy and use this to expand corporate and banking supremacy and the economic exploitation and political (and mental) control of peoples and nations worldwide.
  • covert support of religious extremists, nationalist extremists, senior military officers, right wing or left wing dictators to undermine and overthrow governments for geo-political objectives and profit objectives. These engage in widespread human rights abuses. This has domino effects in the form of reactionary movements against the new regime / dictatorship and their imperialist backers, in some cases this is called 'terrorism'. Though the terrorism of governments against their own people is ignored in the international press and media and academia.
  • these covert actions may also allow operations to take place against one's own people to induce fear and panic, and an increased need for military spending and security spending which benefit some politically connected businesses.
  • misuse of old outdated and ineffective borders established by previous colonial powers many decades ago.
  • use of political corruption to undermine other companies and countries in contracts and negotiations
  • covert manipulation of religious, racial and ethnic divisions and tensions by the big powers for geo-political objectives and profit objectives
  • Using the press and media to promote fear and panic in a population so as to increase spending on arms and security, and fuel arms races.
  • the financial profiteering from war by politically influential business people and bankers involved in the military-industrial complexes and big central and commercial banks.

Instead of building peace, cooperation, understanding, tolerance and harmony between nations, and respecting the sovereignty and independence of nations and peoples, they work (every day) on dividing people against each other, and building envy, greed, social injustices, social divisions, prejudices and hatreds, military occupations, group conflicts, nation conflicts and wars between nations. And it is the working classes of the developed countries and developing countries who will be forced to fight and die in these wars, where nuclear, biological and chemical weapons may be used. And ironically it is the corrupt laws, legal systems and political processes and perverted moralities which support this criminality and mass murder.

4. The Core issues
The core issues afflicting humanity can be categorised as follows :

  • Excessive selfishness, self-centredness, greed, acquisitiveness, avarice, corruption, corrupt deals, materialism, ego, claiming to be correct all of the time in one’s views, dogma or beliefs, self aggrandisement, self importance all of which narrows one’s view of the world and one’s perception, accompanied by
  • Not caring for others, neglecting others, dismissing others, fobbing off others, being too busy all the time, and meanness accompanied by
  • Judging others, condemning others, belittling and mocking others, gossiping about others, slandering others, prejudice and discrimination, bullying others, religious hypocrisy, undermining others, inciting hatred against others which leads to
  • Tensions, misunderstandings, conflicts, wars, genocides, holocausts, acrimony, break ups,  bitterness, hatred, violence, crime, etc. and
  • An inability or unwillingness to properly fund and resource the healing of humanity and healing centres for this purpose. And in addition to this lack of healing, there is an accompanying inability or unwillingness to strategise for peace and harmony and achieve it at individual and groups levels and at national and international levels. Thus, sick and deranged politicians, governments, advisors, diplomats, political lobbyists and their wealthy funders, economists, journalists, and political strategists remain in their sickness and point the finger at others and judge and condemn others and create continuous conflict at all levels in the world.

5. Intensification of the Pain Body and Pain Field

The core issues mentioned above show us the actions which emerge from a certain level of consciousness. The root causes emerge from low consciousness or no consciousness in the case of many politicians. One must analyse the Hitler’s, the Stalin’s, The Mao’s, the Pol Pot’s, the Czars, the Emperor’s, the Saddam’s, the Idi Amin’s, the George W’s, the Lyndon Johnson’s, the Torquemada’s, the Oliver Cromwell’s, the Charles Manson’s, the Ted Bundy’s, etc. of this world from the childhood and young adult experiences which formed their consciousness and mindset. These people were not some strange oddities from outer space, they were ordinary people with pain bodies who existed with other people with pain bodies, in an environment consisting of pain bodies intensifying each other’s pain bodies – the pain field. They derived their pain bodies and their low level of consciousnesses from this environment, the pain field. The dominant characteristics or qualities of this pain field are itemised above in the section titled The Core Issues.
The emergent actions resulting from this low consciousness include exploitation of peoples, the oppression of peoples, the enforcement of corrupt laws and legal systems, injustices and great inequalities on peoples, and the debt enslavement of peoples which intensifies the pain body at all levels of society in all countries. And this feeds back into more injustice, more revenge, more violence, more conflict, more wars, more pain, etc. This pain body finds expression in many acts of terror, crime, subversion, conflicts, wars, and all types of abuse. It also finds expression in (i) a lack of empathy for others, (ii) a psychosis which seeks false consensus and false justification from masses of ignorant and uneducated people (iii) a smug detachment from the consequences of one’s actions which self entitles one to keep doing wrong. This dynamic creates dictators, tyrants, haters, psychopathic leaders, war mongers, war machines, all types of abusers etc. and lies at the root of all problems in the world today.

Central to all this is the 'pain body' and the 'pain field', an emergent factor from this low consciousnesses. What is the 'pain body' and 'pain field' ? According to experts in this field of psychology, Eckhart Tolle and others, the 'pain body' is the accumulation of pain, and the expression and manifestation of this pain which creates further cycles of pain. It can result from one's childhood and upbringing, one's experiences in adult life, historical factors such as the oppression of a people by foreign powers or religious powers or a national government, being bullied, being a victim of crime, suffering stigma and discrimination, the abuses of corrupt power and legal systems, and the many forms of injustices and suffering inflicted upon humanity. The pain body relates to the individual and the pain field relates to the environment where many people with pain bodies interacting with each other and increase the pain of each other.

The pain field is a dynamic created by many interacting pain bodies increasing the pain and suffering of all, especially the most vulnerable or the most sensitive in the neighbourhood, community, parish, housing estate, county, region, country. The pain body and 'pain field' and the sense of division and separateness between individuals, groups and nations combines together to initiate, perpetuate and intensify all forms of crime, conflict, war, mental illness, physical illnesses, injustices in a country. The 'pain field' is often neglected and ignored by doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and those involved in religion and spirituality.
The main failure of psychiatry, psychology and psycho therapy is their inability to understand the pain body and pain field as described above. The individual is part of the environment and is in a constant dynamic relationship with the environment and with all types of people, including parents, siblings, teachers, class mates, friends, co-workers, neighbours, team mates, comrades, etc.  This environment is called the ‘pain field’ as the majority of humans have a pain body, and many have an intense pain body. If some or most of these people have an intense pain body in the individual’s environment, then the pain field can be intense and this has a significant effect on everybody. The dynamic feedback mechanisms between pain bodies affects everybody in that pain field. While doctors and psychiatrists can dose these people with chemical poisons or drugs to ‘heal’ them, and blame the individual, they neglect to address the pain field and pain body and its many complexities. Thus the individual remains ill for long periods, often one’s entire life.  Also many individuals suffer serious health problems from the side effects of these drugs. Psychologists and psycho-therapists also neglect the pain field and place all of the blame on the individual. New Age healers also ignore this and place most of the blame on the individual. This prevents healing and leads to a continuation of the negative and destructive dynamic between the individual’s pain body and the pain field.
The pain field is not static in the world. The pain field is expressed, experienced and intensified in wars, conflicts, invasions and occupations of countries, oppression of people's, riots, crimes, and simmering tensions derived of deep artificial social divisions, and the labelling and tagging of people, created over periods of time. These divisions are artificial constructs of the mind, they are ambiguous, deceitful, manipulated and dubious in nature but are accepted as normal, natural, 'common sense', legal, and even 'divine' by devout followers. From this cauldron of hatred, one finds the generators and intensifiers of the pain field - the gossiping, backbiting, slander, mocking, belittling and all forms of hatred, the labelling of people, the discrimination and stigma against those persons deemed to be different in the community and in society such as the person of a different race or religion, the unmarried mother, the child of an unmarried mother, the person of a different skin colour, the person of a different ethnic group, those of a different gender, different sexual orientation, the unemployed person, the disabled person, etc.. This feeds the pain body and pain field, and establishes vicious cycles of more division, discrimination, abuses, violence and revenge, and these cycles repeat over and over again, fuelling conflicts and wars. In many countries, corrupt laws and legal processes support and perpetuate these injustices.
This negativity has been reinforced by the fact that for many centuries, children in most countries have been reared with harshness, judgmental attitudes, hatred, anger, violence and threats of violence, belittlement, mockery, to be obedient sheep, to be cannon fodder, to be prejudiced and stigmatise others, etc.. This created the 'Wounded Child' complex -  damaged and dysfunctional children who later became damaged and dysfunctional adults. And they repeated the same pattern with their children, and so the cycle continued for generations. A system which grinds people down over time. Yet all this was and is seen as normal and natural for many hundreds of years ; indeed most people are conditioned and brainwashed to believe it to be normal. In fact and in truth, it was and is abnormal, un-natural, perverted, wrong and evil. It also lies at the heart of many social problems in all countries today.

Repeating patterns occur because most people are highly conditioned, almost brainwashed to accept and be accepting, without questioning or complaint. Corrupted education systems, religions, parents and politicians have created obedient people, even more obedient than sheep, who will accept every type of corruption, evil, crime and injustice. Most people cannot think for themselves, most lack even basic understanding, most are hypocritical, most people are 'sheep', they bow and crawl to corrupt politicians, corrupt advisors, civil servants, corrupt legal professionals, corrupt bankers, corrupt property developers, corrupt clergy, bishops and religious leaders, corrupt police, corrupt judges, corrupt professionals and corrupt business people, and admire these corrupt people. They beg for the few crumbs off them. And these same people, the sheep, condemn, criticise, slander, gossip about, mock, belittle, and stigmatise those they see as 'different' such as those of a different religion or race, the disadvantaged minorities, the poor, the ill and disabled, the unemployed, the unmarried mothers, the elderly, their own neighbours, etc.. By engaging in this hypocrisy, they consciously and unconsciously intensify the pain bodies and pain fields of all persons, and create the very hellish societies and world, they claim they are against.
Healing of individuals, families, communities, groups, and between people's, races, creeds, and healing between nations is of utmost importance, indeed it is the foundation upon which future positive and constructive changes can be built. Holistic Healing centres can provide such a foundation, and forums for coordination, and are required in all countries. We encourage all persons in other countries to build Holistic Healing centres in their own countries, using government funding and / or funding from private investors, big foundations, businesses, philanthropic organisations, national and international organisations and public contributions. And work for the healing of their own peoples in their own countries and healing between countries.

6. Strategising for Peace Locally, Nationally and Internationally
New Strategic Peace Plans via International agreements between all sovereign and free nations, the UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank, G20

All lasting change begins with a change in consciousness, mass consciousness. Our being and our world is dependent on consciousness, the level of consciousness. What is required is a revolution in consciousness. This will involve radical changes in mindsets, in thinking, in communicating, in the way humanity perceives themselves and the world. This will involve an expansion of consciousness, a move to higher consciousness, a new transformative consciousness within all individuals and all of humanity, both leaders and followers. This move to a higher consciousness will require change at the individual level for all individuals, in all countries. All change begins first within individuals and diffuses out to other individuals and so on affecting groups, families, communities, regions and nations. This will require greater individual responsibility, inter-personal responsibility and collective responsibility within all individuals, and peoples in nations. A higher consciousness which integrates the heart and the mind to formulate totally new human relations, new social constructs, new ways of communicating, new ways of perceiving, new politics, new political and legal structures, and new agreements between persons, between groups, and between nations.
A Peace Plan, a Peace Strategy, a Path to Peace for Humanity would have the following core elements at the individual levels, groups levels and collective levels :

  • Changes in the consciousness of individuals are more important than social changes, economic changes, political changes and ideology changes. The consciousness of individuals plays a major role in their decisions, their wants, their needs and preferences and their actions, and this ultimately affects family and community structures, social structures, political structures and socio-economic structures. Consciousness is the starting point, the underlying foundation, the governing principle behind all social, economic and political structures and policies.
  • Individual persons changing from within, transforming from within is the most important step globally. Deep changes in consciousness and spiritual changes which would have the effect of changing the thinking, mindsets and motivations of individuals and building peace within individuals. The attainment of peace within individuals would facilitate the building of peace between individuals, and this would extend to groups and to nations in the outer world. The raising of consciousness would involve meditation every day, a deep meditative consciousness and empathy in one’s dealings with others and the world, and other spiritual practises in line with one’s personal beliefs. This needs to be combined with constructive and positive actions and deeds which raise the consciousness of the individual and all persons and uplift the lives of all. These changes must firstly occur inside individuals and spread out to a majority of individuals, reaching a critical mass of people in countries worldwide.
  • Deep Healing. Emotional healing, Mental Healing, Spiritual Healing, Relationships healing, Inter-personal healing, Inter-group healing and Physical Healing. This would address the issue of pain body and facilitate the raising of consciousness and a higher level of spirituality within individuals. This will involve the building of thousands of healing centres worldwide, some examples are provided here at www.healingcentres.org .
  • Promoting meditation and the meditative mindset and consciousnesses and lifestyle, and spiritual practises in line with one’s personal beliefs at all levels of society, in a tolerant and harmonious manner. A light in the darkness. Only individuals who have changed themselves, attained healing and reached a high level of consciousness should enter politics and help their societies and the world. This would bring deep, lasting, changes to the world.
  • Using higher consciousness for the attainment of transcendence, transcending artificial human divisions which are  at the root of all conflict and ego driven clashes between people
  1. Providing new structures within nations and globally for raising consciousness. This type of consciousness expansion and peace building within all persons could be taught and practised in Meditation and Consciousness Centres, and in schools, Universities, training centres, community centres, healing centres, and professional development courses in all countries. This would enable all peoples, especially leaders to approach political, economic, social and spiritual problems from different angles and much deeper perspectives. This would facilitate deeper understandings and more effective, long term solutions. Building peace and higher consciousness within all people. This is vitally important, as lasting peace emerges from within people and from their mindsets, thoughts, words, deeds and actions. The peace building within can be achieved through the expansion of consciousness and the development of unity consciousness within all persons through various methods and techniques. Expanding consciousnesses and awareness to this level would facilitate a broader and deeper perspective to analysing problems, discussing divergent viewpoints, and devising and implementing solutions. And improving these solutions over time.
  • Once a high level of consciousness is attained by individuals they would be in a fit state to actively work for justice, conflict resolution, harmony and peace in the world. And get more involved in social reforms, political reforms, economic reforms, activism, environmental protection, political changes, equality, social justice groups and initiatives, etc. to improve communities, societies and the world. Ending structural violence, and accompanying prejudices discrimination and stigma and tribalistic divisions and hatreds in the process. Many of these are detailed on the web site www.healingcentres.org
  • For spiritual people this would involve applying deeply spiritual teachings in their daily lives, in their thoughts, words and deeds, and fully engaging with social issues and political issues. For non spiritual people this would involve applying humanitarian, social justice and secular humanistic values in their daily lives. Ultimately it is about engagement with other people, with society, to uplift all persons, to promote respect, tolerance and dignity for all, and help all persons reach their potential.
  • Building new types of societies based on the above principles and a wider distribution of wealth and income and new values such as cooperation, trust, honesty and integrity, goodwill, solidarity and fraternity, compassion, responsibility, hard work, ethical values, fair play and justice.
  • Different religions and spiritualities accepting each other’s differences and regularly praying together and meditating together for peace, justice, harmony, tolerance and understanding. Using the principles of spirituality and oneness teachings to build unity worldwide
  • Changes within the spirit and consciousness of many individuals which would keep driving new political changes and economic and social changes and innovations over time, improving all of humanity and its prospects.

In terms of practical political, economic, social and diplomatic actions it would include and integrate the following actions:

  • New Peace Processes and Peace Treaties based on :
    • Learning the lessons and applying the lessons from successful peace processes around the world, eg. South Africa , Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, Bosnia, India, South American countries, Rwanda, etc.. These can be used and adapted to suit the circumstances in each case.
    • Learning the lessons of failures in the past, including the disastrous Versailles Treaty of 1919,  the international tensions, distrust and descent into world war in 1914, the failed colonial treaties and failures of colonialism, and the failed Middle East treaties and failed African treaties. Avoidance of these mistakes and errors would be vitally important.
    • Peace between the major powers - NATO, USA, Europe, Russia, and China 
      Building a peace which is based on universal security for all countries and a respect for the sovereignty of all peoples and nations, and the human rights of all peoples. New collective agreements need to be drawn up, agreed and based on understanding the security concerns of nations, and building greater collective understanding of this. Following from this:
      (i) the formation of peace treaties between the large nuclear powers, such as NATO, USA, Russia and China where the sovereignty of nations would be respected and security concerns addressed. The ending of military encirclements, threatening moves, geo-political manoeuvres, isolation, sanctions, and aggressive gestures and replacing them with dialogue, diplomacy and peace building.
      (ii) the formation of Security Zones encompassing several countries within or bordering the spheres of influence of the major powers. The countries in the Security Zone would be neutral and their borders protected via international agreements and UN mandates. Democracy, freedom, national sovereignty and human rights would be encouraged and strongly protected within these countries. The ultimate objective of this would be to stop and reverse the military encirclement of major powers, reduce international tensions, dissolve all contrived and artificial tensions and divisions between the big powers and build peace, trust, mutual cooperation, harmony, increased trade and investment, and the upliftment of all nations, peoples and humanity.
      (iii) strategising for Peace. We need to end the strategising for war and replace it with strategising for peace. This will need to be applied to relations between all countries, especially NATO, USA, Russia and China. And also those countries which have had bitter experiences with each other in the past. This strategising for peace will need to reach into many diverse areas including diplomacy, treaties, trade, investment, migration, environmental protection, sports, human rights etc.
      (iv) replacing NATO with a new international organisation devoted to building peace, cooperation, human rights protection, and mutual security between all nations. We need to replace military and war alliances with peace alliances.
      (v) the rejection and ending of ‘new world order’ agendas which have the effect of recreating the same mistakes of the old order of the past. And an end to all forms of imperialism, federalism, and centralised control structures which oppress, control and restrict nations.
      (vi) use of effective and proven conflict resolution processes used to remedy any problems or issues
      (vi) terrorist threats against countries or regions dealt with through coordinated and collective actions by the large military powers in alliance with each other, and a firm commitment given to protect human rights within all countries as laid down by the UN.
      (vii) use of trade, commerce, productive  investment, economic growth, economic democracy, wider wealth distribution and political democracy in combination with dialogue and diplomacy to build understanding, cooperation and peace between all nations.
  • Carefully analyse and deconstruct the many factors which are the root causes of wars and terrorism within countries. This would be a highly detailed process. This would provide the basis for new solutions which are focussed on root causes, causality. This would be complex and multi layered, and would involve conflict resolution processes and applying lessons from previous peace treaties and processes in the past, and new formulations for peace encompassing many areas of life. Conflict resolution processes are multi dimensional, and depend on implementing and integrating the following into all areas of social, political and business life and into all education systems:
      • resolve the problems of over population and climate and environmental damage. The former increases the number of people to a limited set of resources which in many cases is beyond what these resources can support. This causes extreme poverty and malnutrition. The latter destroys the environment and further diminishes these limited resources, worsening this poverty, deprivation and hunger. This leads to wars over resources along tribalistic lines,  to genocides and much destruction and in many cases the takeover of countries by dictators, warlords or religious fundamentalists.
        Solutions will require a combined approach of population control via legal birth control measures, better education, new peace initiatives and peace treaties, new types of economic aid and assistance, new green renewable energies, and the implementation of economic democracy as proposed in this book.
      • the ending of brutal dictatorships and the oppression of peoples and replacing them with democracies and respect for human rights
      • the ending of economic colonialism and geo-political colonialism in all of its forms. Education in all countries about the dangers of economic colonialism, imperialism and geopolitical games in the past and in the present. Including knowledge of the conflicts, wars, terrorisms and injustices caused by these factors.
      • peace building peace from the bottom up and from the top down. This will involve peace treaties at grassroots levels, family levels, community levels, regional levels and at government level and inter-governmental levels.  And far reaching changes to foreign policies, foreign aid, national debt, military assistance programmes, political corruption, laws, constitutions, legal processes, policing, political institutions, schooling, separation of church and state, wealth and income distribution within countries, discrimination and stigma, culture, spirituality, outdated social norms, etc. And the expansion of consciousness and a new higher consciousness and the formation of peace within would play a major role in this, providing the basis for building peace from the bottom of society to the top and vice versa.
      • peaceful means for resolving international borders artificially created by the big colonial powers in the past. Two state, three state or four state solutions in some cases and the formation of peaceful and respectful relations between these new countries or entities. 
      • respects and protects the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples. Respects the cultures and traditions of peoples. Stops and reverses moves to undermine the sovereignty of peoples and nations, and stops the formation of international dictatorships, federalism, and international centralisations of power.
      • the implementation of UN sponsored human rights in a tolerant and pluralistic democratic environment in all countries
      • mutual respect and respect for differences into all areas social and political life.
      • new institutions which respect difference and diversity. And work to promote tolerance, respect, cooperation, collaboration, and working together for the common good.
      • the ending of stigma, prejudices and discrimination in social life and economic life. New laws, Constitutions, human rights, institutions, and educational processes and social norms to achieve this in every country.
      • transcending all human divisions and separation to embrace a unity consciousness, an all in one and one in all perspective. And implementing this unity consciousness into all areas of social and political life and into national and international treaties.
      • mutual understandings of each other. Empathy and compassion for the other
      • the creation of healing processes to heal the wounds of the past. Seeing the need to end suffering and being totally committed to this
      • reconciliation commissions or truth commissions to deliver justice and healing
      •  the importance of consent, compromises borne of mutual respect
      • understanding the role of the pain body and pain field in divisions, tensions, misunderstandings and conflicts.
      • acknowledging our common humanity and the interconnectedness of life and the unity underlying existence
      • focussing on points of agreement and unity and building on this through consensus and agreements
      • workable relationships which integrate and implement the aforementioned principles mentioned above
      • full support of Constitutional amendments, laws and government policies which end stigma, prejudices, discrimination and ghettos in all countries. The ending of ghettos and social exclusion would play a huge role in achieving peace within nations and between nations. The ending of stigma, prejudices and discrimination at all levels of society. See www.healingcentres.org/stigma.htm
  • Peace must be defended and justice, human rights, human dignity and freedom must be defended. A global military force from 10 of the most powerful countries in the world, including NATO countries, Russia and China, comprising a total force of 1,000,000 men and women, with high-tech land, air, sea weapons, and space weapons, to combat extremism  and extremist takeovers of countries, and to stop genocide. This will involve closer international cooperation between this military force and adjoining countries to work together to isolate, cut off, encircle, outflank and re-take areas controlled by terrorists and extremists.
  • Ending corruption in politics, the legal system, the economics system and the social system and building new systems based on integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, justice and fairness for all in all countries. See Chapter 10 in this book for more details.
  • Legal Justice and Social Justice
    There can be no peace without justice. Analyse and resolve the injustices within the police, prosecutor offices, courts and legal system and political system within all countries. This is detailed in Chapter 10 of this book.   
  • The use of Marshall Plan type programmes to maintain, protect and preserve peace treaties through enhanced economic growth, investment, job creation, public (state) investment, consumer spending, and trade. See Chapter 7 for insights on this topic.
    New economic structures to more widely distribute wealth and income, and ensure social stability, and political and economic stability. This will include wider employee share ownership, community share ownership, networks of cooperatives, basic income schemes, negative income taxes and social credit. See Chapter 9 on Format of Economic Democracy.
  • International Trade and International Aid Programmes
    The proposals for international trade and international aid for the attainment and preservation of stability, order, economic growth, peace and justice globally are mentioned in  International Trade & International Aid Programmes and International Cooperation and Security Obligations  section in Chapter 9 above
  • In the acclaimed book ‘Africa’s Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent by Leonce Ndikumana, James Boyce, they state that in the period 1970 – 2008 over $944 billion was taken out of Africa in capital flight and tax evasion much of it to tax havens abroad. And it is estimated by the Tax Justice network that $12.1 trillion from developing and third world countries lies in offshore tax havens. According to world bank studies, 60 of the world’s poorest nations owe $520 billion in loans.

    Africa and other third world countries need the following solutions:
    • There needs to be national debt write downs and write offs for developing and third world nations, similar to those proposed above in earlier chapters in this book. This should be in region of write offs of 50% - 70% of national debt and this should be linked to the following.
    • Corrupt debt contracted by dictators and corrupt leaders and elites needs to classified as criminal debt, and should not be paid for by taxpayers in these countries.  Link these debt reductions to the prosecution and jailing of corrupt dictators, political leaders, business people and bankers, the return of monies hidden away in offshore tax havens and the implementation of economic democracy and industrial democracy in these countries.
    • Many of the proposals for debt write offs and write downs and Quantitative Easing for the people in Chapter 7 could be applied in African countries and Asia countries to simulate these economies and diffuse the wealth.
    • Future loans could be linked to the full implementation of these actions above and the introduction of the reforms and changes proposed in this book. This would inject trillions of dollars into developing and third world countries, these monies and savings in debt repayments and the new loans could be used to improve health systems, education systems, housing, safe water systems, roads and infrastructure,  honesty and integrity in politics, environmental protection, effective birth control, full employment, wealth distribution via economic democracy and local business development in developing countries. All foreign aid to developing and third world countries should include the conditions mentioned here and should be kept away from the hands of corrupt dictators and leaders.
  • Combat Ignorance in all countries
    Make ‘Civics, Constitutional rights and Social Responsibility’ compulsory and necessary for secondary school (high school) graduation and acceptance into University, Institutes of Technology,  state training schemes and apprenticeship courses. This subject would fully educate students about their Constitutional rights, civil rights, legal rights, common law rights, natural law, and human rights, and their legal responsibilities.  And also the responsibilities attached to rights, civic responsibilities, the importance of "social capital" in one’s own life and in society in general. The social responsibility section would emphasise involvement in democracy and democratic processes, paying taxes for the provision of public services and infrastructure, being respectful, taking responsibility in their own lives,  the dangers of alcohol abuse and drug abuse, the benefits of work and healthy living and good relationships, and the importance of voluntary work in charities, foundations and voluntary bodies to improve society and the wider world.
  • Full support of Constitutional amendments, laws and government policies which end stigma, prejudices, discrimination, social exclusion and ghettos in all countries.
  • The building of many Holistic Healing centres in each country worldwide to encourage the healing of all peoples in all countries. In particular the healing of the 'Wounded Child' complex. Understanding the 'pain body' of nations and peoples, and using collective efforts to heal this pain body.
  • Education about the dangers of artificial social class divisions and how they cause divisions, hatreds and conflict in societies.
  • The promotion of tolerance and pluralism within all persons, and the brotherhood of all humanity
  • Respect for other religions and spiritualities which provides for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of expression in all countries. Separation of church and state.
  • Looking for areas of common agreement, and getting agreement on this, and building upon these agreements to foster tolerance, understanding and harmony in all countries
Integrating and upholding human rights within all religions and organisations, especially the rights of women, the disabled, minorities, children, the unemployed and other social groups who have suffered discrimination and abuse by religious and political authorities in the past and present.

Money for War or Money for Peace ? No Money or Plenty of Money ? Which is it ?
The global cost of bailing out the banks and financial institutions between 2007 and 2014 was $13 trillion and the global value of the arms trade is $2 trillion per year (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), and the amount of untaxed monies sitting in offshore tax havens is estimated to be $32 trillion, and the value of the Derivatives market, which is pure financial speculation was over $1,200 trillion ; this is over 20 times the global economy. This amounts to $1,247 trillion wasted on speculation, banking frauds, financial frauds, corrupt special interests, tax evasions, and the promoting of wars, mass murder, and criminality. In 2015, the cost of giving all persons on the planet adequate health care and a decent wage was $86 billion per year (http://www.anielski.com/real-cost-eliminating-poverty/). This figure of $86 billion is very tiny fraction of the $1,247 trillion wasted on banking bailouts and war, and special interests. Considering the trillions of dollars wasted on speculation, bailouts of banks and speculators, and mass slaughter and war, there are plenty of financial resources and money to fund peace industries, productive industries, economic democracy, social justice, political stability, order and peace on earth. 97% of money is created out of nothing when banks lend money, and billions and trillions of euros can be created within minutes in electronic credits ; should we continue lending this money for speculation, bubbles and crashes, fraud, tax evasion, massive national debt and private debt, social injustices, criminality and wars or use this money for building peace, economic democracy and sustainable growth, social justice, human capital, full employment, better hospitals and healthcare systems, disease eradication in poorer countries, new innovations, a more peaceful and prosperous humanity, etc. ?

Our Choices

The wise words of Martin Luther King still apply across the world. Choices and strategic vision determine the nature of our existence. Choices can lead to transformation of peoples, systems, societies, nations and relationships between nations. Should we engage in Healing and with society ? should we bring healing to social issues, economic issues, political issues, human rights issues ? should we join organisations and groups committed to healing in all of it's forms, social justice, economic justice, human rights ? or should we ignore everything, do nothing, and just complain ? or should we waste time watching television or on the Internet or on social media ? or waste time in bars ? should we work together to build Heaven on Earth or let others continue building Hell on Earth ? What does human history teach us - the conflicts, wars, tyrannies, genocides, high crime rates, social injustices, crashes, folly and national bankruptcies, insane greed, corruption, hateful tribalistic divisions, etc. of the 20th century and early part of the 21st century have taught us what ? We can and must all work together to build deep healing within people and between peoples, and deeper, lasting peace based on healing, universal brotherhood and justice in the 21st century. You can begin this today.

A different type of world is possible. See inspirational videos below




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