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Holistic Healing Centres for all countries worldwide
Healing is an essential part of human existence in our present age. Looking at our societies, nations and world today at the beginning of the 21st century, and indeed looking at the 20th century which still informs and controls public opinion, social norms, and functioning, it is very obvious that a lot of healing is required in all countries. Most people are limited by 20th century beliefs and older beliefs which have played a significant part in creating most of the social, economic, religious, military, diplomatic and political problems in the world today. There is broad agreement and general consensus across the world that the old system and old mentalities have failed, and failed miserably, and will continue to fail, as they have proved incapable of building up peoples and nations, and incapable of building socio-economic & political stability, justice and peace. Most societies crawl from crisis to crisis, learning nothing in the process, and many developed countries remain in permanent crisis, with the following:

  • continuing wars and conflicts and accompanying terrorism spreading to many countries throughout the world. The central role of political corruption, so called 'regime changes', intensification of religious and ethnic hatreds, and political mismanagment in this
  • the continuing existence of and false justification of religious and ethnic divisions, hatreds, injustices and wars, and the endless cycles of revenge
  • high levels of crime in most countries
  • overcrowded prisons in many countries
  • high poverty rates (especially child poverty rates)
  • high alcohol and drug abuse rates
  • high suicide rates
  • high hospital admissions and over-crowded hospitals
  • high and growing levels of mental illness
  • the devastating effects of chronic stress and social inequalities and injustices on the health of people
  • not enough money and 'resources' for health services and healthcare, and for education / training and job creation but too much money and 'resources' for conflict and war, for corrupt over-priced state purchases and contracts (which are often siphoned off), for speculating in assets and derivatives ($710 trillion) and for bail outs of banks, speculators and financial institutions.
  • societies which deny the importance of healing while inflicting many social injustices, inequalities, discrimination, prejudices, pain and conflict on their own peoples and other peoples.
  • high wealth inequality and income inequality in many countries, and accompanying social injustices which intensify hate and hateful divisions
  • highly stressed and socially unequal societies which cause high levels of stress for families, leading to abuse of children, neglect, belittlement, violence, addiction, lack of love, divorces and separations.
  • high corruption levels which impose huge financial burdens on peoples and nations
  • massive government debt and private debt levels, which have their roots in the corrupted money creation processes and unlimited speculation
  • punitive taxes, levies and other state charges for workers and families. And tax evasion in many countries amounting to hundreds of billions of euros per year by the very wealthy
  • deep social divisions which breed hatreds, violence, crime and social conflict
  • denigration of and discrimination against women, the disabled, religious minorities, ethnic / racial minorities, and regular scapegoating of such social groups
  • Structural violence against people in society, particularly against minorities, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly and the poor. This involves structured injustices, discrimination, prejudices, deprivation of justice, stigma, bullying, abuse, and other serious injustices and causes great disharmony, discord and conflict within societies. Its negative effects impose large scale damage, costs and expenses on people, families, communities, property, businesses, investment and government.
  • the uncaring attitudes, apathy and 'sheep like' behaviour of most people
  • the crawling, the bowing and the grovelling to corrupt authorities and hierarchies
  • paedophile rings involving (i) very wealthy, influential and politically connected people and (ii) powerful religious organisations which existed and continue to exist in cities, towns, villages, orphanages and institutions in European countries and in North America, and in developing countries. Cover ups, loss of files, suppression of evidence, intimidation of witnesses, non prosecutions, etc. have aided and abetted these crimes.
  • the widespread child abuse and murders covered up by religious, the police, and political authorities in many countries
  • high levels of bullying, harassment and abuse in schools and colleges, and in workplaces which create more and more hatred, divisions and revengeful actions
  • high levels of gossiping, backstabbing, and slandering which destroy the respect and dignity due to all persons.
  • high school shootings, college shootings, family rows and murders, gang shootings
  • the brutalising of young children and young adults, and the creation of the 'Wounded Child' complex, creating more people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, the Czars, Idi Amin, the Kaiser, Saddam Hussein, General Tojo, Leopold II, Ismail Pasha, Al Capone, Charles Manson, Adam Lanza, Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Fred West, etc. etc.. All of these people were created and worsened by corrupt, greedy, hateful, divided and uncaring societies. The 'Wounded Child' complex is a major contributing factor to many political and social problems and catastrophes.
  • rising levels of community break-down which is mostly ignored by societies and governments
  • high levels of relationship break-downs which is mostly ignored by societies and governments
  • high levels of family break-down which is mostly ignored by societies and governments

These harsh and limiting circumstances destroy human freedom, human potentialities and possibilities, and destroy the free will of most people on earth. Damaged, egotistical and uninformed people create damaged and damaging systems for all persons, and pass on the same mindsets, vicious cycles and damage from generation to generation.

'War would exist without countries. War emerges from consciousness
immersed in division / separation and accompanying injustices'

Society and its many ills, conflicts, and wars is governed by interpersonal communications and dynamics and the feedback mechanisms which are part of this. Individuals are in a constant dynamic feedback with society, in the form of families, friends, work colleagues, teams, casual acqaintances, strangers, etc. Negative environments and negative behaviour, structural violence, stigma and prejudice, gossip, backbiting, slanders, idle talk, rumours, hateful talk, prejudices, stigma leads to aggression, violence, serious physical injury, damage to property, crimes, hurt to family, hurt to friends, illness and health problems, intimidation, bullying, and social exclusion create chronic illnesses of the body, mind and soul. They have biological consequences which can be measured in the genes, the blood, the messenger RNA, the hormones, immune cells, brain chemicals, brain glucose levels, and the brain and nervous system structures of people, creating many illnesses. This sets up structures of physical causation and biological causation which lead to hatreds, intensification of divisions between people, conflicts, wars, genocides, crimes, injustices etc.. Most of humanity, over 90%, suffers from mental illnesses, and their sickness constructs and maintains their sick societies. Your leaders in all fields - political, economic, business, banking, academia, etc. are sick and their sickness reinforces your sick societies,

The following pictures and videos provide an accurate analysis of the present world and it's continuing failures

The following pictures are the reality of ‘Regime Change’ in the Middle East started, supported and backed by some 'christian' nations in the west and gulf states in the Middle East.

Watch video of Syria - https://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV/videos/1039270009448119/

Wars and conflicts have greatly benefitted certain rich and priviliged sections of society while manipulating, using and destroying the poor, the working class, innocent civilians, the gullible, the naive, the young, and the weak minded.

Looking at the world today and it's myriad problems, most of which have 3 or 4 common denominators, it is obvious that healing on a massive scale is required. Healing of individuals, families, communities, groups, people's and healing between people's and nations is of utmost importance, indeed it is the foundation upon which future positive and constructive changes can be built. Healed, healthier, more conscious and aware and more balanced peoples will have the capability and insights to create more rational, healthier, democratic, freer and more just socio-economic-political paradigms in the future. They will enable all persons to develop their talents and gifts fully for the benefit of all, and encourage a new consciousness which works for the upliftment and progress of all. Healing, particularly deep healing, is the starting point, the foundation stone. We propose new types of Healing centres which encompass mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing, healing at a deeper level, with well proven, highly innovative and effective programmes.

What kind of world is possible ? view the following inspirational videos:


The Core issues

The core issues afflicting humanity can be categorised as follows :

  1. Excessive selfishness, self-centredness, greed, acquisitiveness, avarice, corruption, corrupt deals, materialism, ego, claiming to be correct all of the time in one’s views, dogma or beliefs, self aggrandisement, self importance, accompanied by
  2. Not caring for others, neglecting others, dismissing others, fobbing off others, being too busy all the time, and meanness accompanied by
  3. Judging others, condemning others, belittling and mocking others, gossiping about others, slandering others, prejudice and discrimination, bullying others, religious hypocrisy, undermining others, inciting hatred against others which leads to
  4. Tensions, misunderstandings, conflicts, wars, genocides, holocausts, acrimony, break ups,  bitterness, hatred, violence, crime, etc. and
  5. An inability or unwillingness to properly fund and resource the healing of humanity and healing centres for this purpose. And in addition to this lack of healing, there is an accompanying inability or unwillingness to strategise for peace and harmony and achieve it at individual and groups levels and at national and international levels. Thus, sick and deranged politicians, governments, advisors, diplomats, political lobbyists and their wealthy funders, economists, journalists, and political strategists remain in their sickness and point the finger at others and judge and condemn others and create continuous conflict at all levels in the world.


The Experience in Ireland, Britain, Belgium, France, Spain and other European countries

In European countries, there is too much fragmentation of healing systems and places of healing. There are different types of healing but all of them are interconnected and inter-related. The human body is a complex interacting system encompassing body, mind, spirit and environment. Healing thus must be directed at:

- Physical Healing. This includes conventioanl medicine and alternative medicine
- Mind healing
- Emotional healing
- Spiritual healing
- Energy healing
- Chakras healing and Meridians healing
- Relationships healing
- Envronmental healing. Including the dynamic interaction between humans in an environment. And healing of environments.

One example is the mental health services and fragmentation of complementary and support services such as counselling, occupational therapy, employment, educational opportunities, employment training, other types of healing (see list above), responsibility training, sports and hobbies, social inclusion initiatives, etc.. There are too many diverse, un-coordinated and disjointed programmes of low quality and with little or no effectiveness. And many are under-funded, under-staffed and suffering cutbacks so that their potential medium to long term effectiveness cannot be ascertained. There is no clear direction, no leadership, no strategic direction, no strategy, no coordination of plans and programmes, no integration of services, no common objectives, and the system is akin to headless chickens running around. Mental health care services have been neglected since austerity began in 2008, and suffered severe cutbacks. Most mental hospitals are shabby, dirty and run down, and serve to worsen a patient’s existing illness.

Valuable taxpayers money amounting to hundreds of millions of euros per year are being wasted on a system and programmes which are not working. There is a serious lack of joined up thinking and joined up actions, and this has largely contributed to the continued failure of mental health services in Ireland and other European countries today. The 2012 (Irish) male rate of self-harm was 195 per 100,000 - up 20 per cent since 2007 - while the (Irish) rate of female self-harm was 228 per 100,000 - up 6 per cent over the same period ; these are very high by international standards. The economic impact of illnesses is also substantial, Male victims of child sexual abuse are twice as likely to be out of work due to illness Irish Independent 23, August 2014.

There exists a great demand for a new strategy, a new model and new types of services to address these issues in an effective and cost efficient manner. This need for a new strategy has been brought to national attention in Britain recently - Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists The Telegraph March 28 2016

Recent newspaper reports and official state reports outline the failures and problems of the past and present system.



These issues and other issues of bullying, child abuse, murder, criminality, genocide and cover ups are discussed in more detail in the Law section of this web site

Strategic and Practical solutions for all Countries

Most countries and peoples are severely damaged by the factors mentioned above. They require a lot of healing, and justice via the courts. We will deal with the healing aspect on this web site.

The Irish Government's ‘ Vision for Change ' Programme provides for healing on a vast scale, using best international practises. It calls for the de-institutionalisation of patients and for integration back into communities, and the provision of support services and assistance for patients in the community. This new form of social inclusion is a welcome development. In the areas of (i) support services and assistance for patients in the community and (ii) support services for normal healthy (employed and unemployed) people who are experiencing serious life difficulties and mental / emotional trauma and health issues we propose the following.

  • Holistic Healing centres which integrate, coordinate, oversee and deliver many health, economic and sociological services in relation to mental health.
    If we wish to make any progress on mental health in this country, there needs to be new strategic thinking which includes joined up thinking and actions between government, the HSE, the patients, their families, their carers, their communities and neighbourhoods, and the many health services providers both private and public, health research organisations, and employers, training bodies and schools and Universities. This needs to be delivered via a new Holistic model, in the form of Holistic Healing centres which integrate and coordinate the many aspects of treatment, healing and of social inclusion measures. Each county would have one centre, and there would be 2 centres in counties with high population density.

    There needs to be large scale deployment of government and private investor funds and European Union funds to build Holistic Healing centres in all countries which would heal the mind, emotions, spirit and body of peoples and nations. There would be extensive use of such centres by individual patients, families, groups and communities. Healing would be open to all persons.

No Money or Plenty of Money ? which is it ?

The global cost of bailing out the banks and financial institutions between 2007 and 2014 was $13 trillion (Andrew Haldane, Bank of England estimate), and the global value of the arms trade is $2 trillion per year. This amounts to $15 trillion wasted on corrupt special interests and the promoting of mass murder, slaughter, banking frauds, financial frauds and criminality. In 2015, the value of the Derivatives market, which is pure financial speculation was over $710 trillion (Bank for International Settlements) ; this is over 10 times the global economy. The cost of giving all persons on the planet adequate health care and a decent wage is $86 billion per year (http://www.anielski.com/real-cost-eliminating-poverty/). This figure of $86 billion is very small fraction of the $15 trillion wasted on banking bailouts and war, and special interests ; it is 0.005% of the amount. And $86 billion is less than 0.00001% of the $710 trillion amount wasted on derivatives speculation worldwide. Considering the trillions of dollars wasted on speculation, bailouts of banks and speculators, and mass slaughter and war, there are plenty of financial resources and money to build holistic healing centres, and build justice, social and political stability and peace on earth.

Holistic Healing Centres - Structure and Operations (for all countries)

These Holistic Healing centres must:

  • be built using new modern design and open plan schemes with extensive use of windows and natural sunlight
  • contain several audio-visual rooms and audio visual equipment and virtual reality equipment, wrap around HD flat screens, and immersion technologies to facilitate treatments and recovery.
  • Broadband Internet connections, projectors and large HD flatscreens and speakers for individual and group healing sessions and access to international lectures and presentations by experts, and national / international seminars and conference
  • many light boxes in rooms to treat Depression and other mental illnesses
  • contain several meditation rooms which can be used for meditation and group work
  • contain several small consulting rooms for individual therapy
  • contain rooms for workgroups
  • have walls which are sound proofed to provide peace and quiet and confidentiality in the centre.
  • contain a gym with weights, running machines, weight lifting machines, mountain machines, an aerobics room and a swimming pool and a sauna to facilitate exercise and detoxification, and the development of individualised and supervised exercise programmes and detox programmes. Dressing rooms, toliets and showers with disabled access facilities must also be provided.
  • have adequate natural surroundings in and around the healing centres, including woodland or forests, and rivers / streams / lakes / waterfalls / sea  and gardens, parks, some wild life, and fields.
  • have a canteen and toilets and showers, including disabled access facilities.
  • provide in-patient facilities for those patients requiring emergency treatment and accomodation, and intensive support, supervision and assistance in improving and recovering.
  • the provision of hostel accommodation close to the centre
  • the provision of workshops, sheltered employment and training centres close to the centre.

The centres must include the following highly effective and successful innovations in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health care and would be solutions focussed, with an emphasis on end goals, success, achievement and recovery. It would use the following :

Integrating Healing at the Individual level, the Interpersonal level, the Family level, the Group level, the Community level, the Neighbourhood level, the Collective level, Society level, the State level and International level

  1. Root Causes of Mental Illnesses, Emotional Illnesses and Most forms of Stress
    Acknowledge that psychiatry is an inexact and imprecise science, and contains too many presumptions and assumptions and too few facts. Most psychiatric drugs have dangerous life threatening side effects, and are hazardous to health. Psychiatric drugs have caused several disabling and life threatening illnesses and many deaths, and have been the subject of many law suits in the courts in North America and Europe. Psychiatry partially treats some of the symptoms of illnesses and often belittles, denigrates and neglects patients while ignoring the root causes of illnesses. The internal dynamics and structures of causation, including root cases and perpetuating factors are completely ignored in psychiatry. This perpetuates and worsens illnesses over time, making full recoveries impossible or rare.

    Root causes: abusive, harsh, belittling, bullying and negative environments which poison the body, mind and soul during childhood or adolesence. And traumatic loss, traumatic stress, endocrine illnesses which affect the nervous system, viral or other pathogen infections of the nervous system, and heavy metal or toxin contamination of the brain and nervous system in adulthood can increase the risk of mental illness. These undermine the ability of many persons to cope with difficult life circumstances or unexpected changes in their lives. The result is that people often break down as a result of a complex mix of social circumstances, such as bereavement and loss, the loss of one's job, becoming ill or disabled, poverty and discrimination, legal and economic injustices, trauma and abuse, crime and bullying. This is worsened and exacerbated by stigma, prejudices, discrimination, judgmental attitudes, slanders, social isolation and alienation.

    Modern factors such as the widespread prevalence of a selfish, materialistic "me, me, me" culture creates a harsh uncaring climate, promotes misunderstandings, mockery, judgmental attitudes, a 'blame the victim' mentality, fuelling excessive divisions and conflict between people. This worsens old painful experiences and existing illness. These abusive and painful experiences become engrained in the mindsets, the thinking, thought patterns, mental reflexes, reactions and subconscious of ill persons, and can be intensified in times of adversity, setting up new structures of causation in present and future relations. There are some genetic predispositions which increase vulnerability, though negative experiences themselves can cause changes to the genes and gene expressions, similar to the continuing findings in Epigenetics. A synthesis of nature (genetics) and nurture (upbringing and life experiences).

    Symptoms emerging from these root causes: crime, anti social behaviour, war mongering, profiterring from war, crime and human misery, mental illnesses, emotional illnesses, stress and inability to handle stress in work or the family or in social life, social breakdown, addictions to alcohol and / or drugs, family disputes and family breakdown, prejudices and hatreds against others, conflicts between individuals, groups, races and countries. And negative changes to the genes, the blood, the messenger RNA, gene expressions, the hormones, immune cells, brain chemicals, brain glucose levels, the structure and functions of the nervous system, which can lead on to many illnesses and diseases. This sets up structures of physical causation and biological causation which lead to more ill people, more broken families and broken communities, more addictions, more crime, an intensification of divisions between people, conflicts, wars, genocides, injustices etc.. Vicious cycles which promote ill health and many social problems.

    Necessary Changes must include:

    Phasing out of psychiatric hospitals and excessive drugging of patients, and replacement of this with treatments aimed at root causes
  • Address and Resolve the Pain Body and Pain Field
    Utilise the work of Eckhart Tolle in terms of pain body and pain fields. His work is internationally recognised and used by many psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors. It has been found effective in most cases. Central to this is the 'pain body'. According to Eckhart Tolle and other experts in this field the 'pain body' is the accumulation of pain, and the expression and manifestation of this pain which creates further cycles of pain. It can result from one's childhood and upbringing, one's experiences in adult life, historical factors such as the oppression of a people by foreign powers or religious powers or a national government, being bullied, being a victim of crime, suffering stigma and discrimination, the abuses of corrupt power and legal systems, and the many forms of injustices and suffering inflicted upon humanity.The pain body relates to the individual and the pain field relates to the environment and many people with pain bodies interacting with each other.

    The pain field is a dynamic created by many interacting pain bodies increasing the pain and suffering of all, especially the most vulnerable or the most sensitive in the neighbourhood, community, parish, housing estate, county, region, country. The pain body and 'pain field' and the sense of division and seperateness between individuals, groups and nations combines together to initiate, perpetuate and intensify all forms of crime, conflict, war, mental illness, physical illnesses, injustices in a country. The 'pain field' is often neglected and ignored by doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and those involved in religion and spirituality.

    The pain field is expressed, experienced and intensified in wars, conflicts, invasions and occupations of countries, oppression of people's, riots, crimes, and simmering tensions derived of deep artificial social divisions, and the labelling and tagging of people, created over periods of time. These divisions are artificial constructs of the mind, they are ambiguous, deceitful, manipulated and dubious in nature but are accepted as normal, natural, 'common sense', legal, and even 'divine' by devout followers. From this cauldron of hatred, one finds the generators and perpetuators of the pain field - the gossiping, backbiting, slander, mocking, belittling and all forms of hatred, the labelling of people, the discrimination and stigma against those persons deemed to be different in the community and in society such as the person of a different race or religion, the unmarried mother, the child of an unmarried mother, the person of a different skin colour, the person of a different ethnic group, those of a different gender, different sexual orientation, the unemployed person, the disabled person, etc.. This feeds the pain body and pain field, and establishes vicious cycles of division, discrimination, abuses, violence and revenge, and these cycles repeat over and over again, fuelling conflicts and wars. In many countries, corrupt laws and legal processes support these injustices.

    This negativity has been reinforced by the fact that for many centuries, children in most countries have been reared with harshness, judgmental attitudes, hatred, anger, violence and threats of violence, belittlement, mockery, to be obedient sheep, to be cannon fodder, to be prejudiced and stigmatise others, etc.. This created damaged and dysfunctional children who became damaged and dysfunctional adults. And they repeated the same pattern with their children, and so the cycle continued for generations. A system which grinds people down. Yet all this was and is seen as normal and natural for many hundreds of years ; indeed most people are conditioned and brainwashed to believe it to be normal. In fact and in truth, it was and is abnormal, un-natural, perverted, wrong and evil. It also lies at the heart of many social problems in all countries today.

    Repeating patterns occur because most people are highly conditioned, almost brainwashed to accept and be accepting, without questioning or complaint. Most people cannot think for themselves, most lack even basic understanding, most are hypocritical, most people are 'sheep', they bow and crawl to corrupt politicians, corrupt advisors, corrupt officials and civil servants, corrupt legal professionals, corrupt bankers, corrupt property developers, corrupt clergy, bishops and religious leaders, corrupt police, corrupt judges, corrupt professionals and corrupt business people, and admire these corrupt people. They beg for the few crumbs off them. And they condemn, criticise, slander, gossip about, mock, belittle, and stigmatise those they see as 'different' such as the poor, the ill and disabled, the unemployed, the unmarried mothers, those of a different religion or race, the disadvantaged minorities, the elderly, their own neighbours, etc..By engaging in this hypocrisy, they consciously and unconsciously intensify the pain bodies and pain fields of all persons, and create the very hellish societies and world, they claim they are against.

    The solution would involve treating (i) the pain body (ii) the pain field. This will involve treating the patient, treating the family, treating neighbours, and treating people in the wider community who are stigmatising, slandering, bullying and harassing the person with disability or the person who is considered to be 'different' in the community. The pain field is as important as the pain body, as it exists in a constant dynamic with the pain body. The existence of pain bodies even in healthy individuals underlies the need for family healing, groups healing and community / communities healing. This will involve several mediation and therapy programs and initiatives to heal the individual patient, and all other parties. The main direction of this being greater acknowledgment of the wider existence of human suffering, human differences, mental and physical illnesses and of degrees of pain and suffering in society,  even in healthy 'normal' people. And building empathy, respect, support and tolerance for all persons.

  • Different types of highly effective psychological based treatments. The aforementioned Eckhart Tolle’s work and the works of Donald Winnicot, John Bowlby, Mark Epstein, Heinz Kohut, Donald Kalsched, Jean Piaget, Tony Humphreys and several other leading psychologists and counsellors could be used here. The most effective therapies from around the world would be fully researched and used in the centre.

  • Different types of counselling and psychotherapy based on best international practises and new effective innovations will be undertaken to meet the needs of individuals and groups:

    • WRAP therapy and services to help people recover from mental illness. Read http://www.mentalhealthrecovery.com/wrap/ for more details on this innovative programme.
    • suicide prevention counselling and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy which has been proven to very effective worldwide. Suicide prevention programmes for those with mental illnesses and for members of the general public who are under excessive stress or experiencing serious personal difficulties which are increasing suicide risk would be prioritised in the centre. These programmes would use best international practises for treating this, and utilise the resources and personnel of the centre and of experts around the world via Internet broadband links. This may require in-patient stays for those at serious risk to life. There would be liaison with Pieta House, the Samaritans, Aware and other organisations to inform people about the facilities available, and to improve and update the centres activities over time.
    • addiction counselling and psychotherapy
    • anger management counselling and psychotherapy
    • anxiety counselling and psychotherapy
    • the Wounded Child Therapy (this is particularly important for people from war torn areas)
    • grief or bereavement counselling and psychotherapy
    • stress management counselling and psychotherapy
    • post traumatic stress counselling and psychotherapy
    • use of Sacred Feminine Healing
    • Emotional Freedom Therapy. Very effective for victims of abuse
    • bullying counselling and psychotherapy
    • family counselling and psychotherapy (for troubled families)
    • relationship counselling (for those experiencing serious difficulties in relationships)
    • The Hoffman Process
    • assertiveness counselling and psychotherapy
    • happiness counselling and psychotherapy
    • gestalt counselling and psychotherapy
    • occupational health counselling and psychotherapy
    • raising happy and emotionally healthy children. 'Raising Emotioanlly Healthy Children' by Paul Gilligan

    Individual therapy and/or group therapy sessions using the most effective, well proven, and innovative therapies from around the world. To faclitate this, top psychologists and counsellors from around the world could deliver interactive therapy sessions via the Internet to individuals and groups in the centre. Broadband Internet connections and audio-visual equipment. Patients could interact with these leading therapists and doctors around the world during sessions. In addtion lectures delivered via Internet broadband could also be attended by patients in the centre.
  • Dealing with Structural Violence against people in society, particularly against minorities, the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed and the poor
    This involves structured injustices, discrimination, prejudices, deprivation of justice, stigma, bullying, abuse, and other serious injustices and causes great disharmony, discord and conflict within societies. Its negative effects impose large scale damage, costs and expenses on people, families, communities, property, busi
    nesses, investment and government. The individual is linked to society through family, friends, neighbours, social acquinatances, work colleagues, etc.. There are many dynamic feedback mechanisms between individuals and groups and society in general which have an impact on one's mental health and physical health. Some of this is detailed in the followign sections www.healingcentres.org/stigma.htm and www.healingcentres.org/law.htm
    • Mediation & Associated Therapies for Individuals, Families, Communities, Neighbourhoods and Social Groups
      Mediation and therapies to deal with bullying in schools, homes, workplaces, social groups and spaces and in society. This would encourage bullies to analyse the effects of their actions, how and why they are wrong, how to build empathy with others, the role of the pain body and pain field in the bully and the bullied, the importance of respecting the human rights of others, the law and bullying and how it can affect one's criminal record, emphasising restitution, apologies and genuine remorse by bullies, and practical ways to transfrom bullies, and monitoring progress in this area. Liasion with national and secondary schools and colleges / Universities and workplaces to help them draft and implement anti-bullying policies, inform them about the many negative consequences of bullying, assist and support guidance counsellors and workplace counsellors, and integrate new and better international practises.

      Family, neighbourhood and community healing programmes. This encompasses the pain field, a dynamic created by many interacting pain bodies increasing the pain and suffering of all, especially the most vulnerable or the most sensitive in the neighbourhood, community, parish or housing estate. Family members, neighbours, community members and leaders would be invited to participate in mediation programmes in the Holistic Healing centre. The issue of bullying, harassment, aggression, stigmatising and discriminating against those with mental illnesses would be dealt with first by community engagement and dialogue and cooperation, and if this fails then by the law and courts.

      Mediation and therapies to encourage inter-religious, inter-racial, and inter-cultural dialogue, conflict resolution and healing. This is becoming important in many multicultural societies and societies where there is conflict. Encouraging peace building at community level and grassroots level, and building peace from the "bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom". This being from individuals up to community level up to communities, towns, cities, and regions level up to government level. Peace building at every level. This could include the following within countries:

      • tolerance and pluralism within all persons
      • freedom of expression and freedom of religion for all persons. Separation of church and state.
      • respect for other religions and spiritualities
      • identifying the reasons for grieviances, misunderstandings, injustices and discord and working to resolve them positively
      • understanding the role of the pain body and pain field in divisions, tensions, misunderstandings and conflicts.
      • looking for areas of common agreement, and getting agreement on this, and building upon these agreements to foster tolerance, understanding and harmony
      • building social justice and economic justice for all persons in terms of employment, housing, education, training, wealth distribution, community groups, civil rights, political respresentation, laws, legal processes, etc.
      • working for a wider and fairer distribution of wealth in societies, with a view to stablising them.
      • different religions and spiritualities praying together and meditating together for peace, justice, harmony, tolerance and understanding.
      • cross-community cooperation, integration and peace initiatives and projects. Ways to live together and work together in harmony, tolerance and peace.
      • using the principles in the Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, and the "One God", "Oneness", "I am" teachings to build understanding and unity.
      • using the principles and practises of the Inner Peace Movement
      • using the principles and practises of the Bruno Groening movement
      • the importance of respecting the Constitution, Common laws and Human Rights laws
      • integrating and upholding human rights within all religions and organisations, especially the rights of women, the disabled, minorities, children, the unemployed and other social groups who have suffered discrimination and abuse by religious and political authorities in the past and present.

    • Advocacy and Support
      Strong advocacy organisations to protect and defend the rights of minorities, the disabled, the unemployed, the ill, the elderly and the poor in society. These would play a vital role in defending the mental health and physical health of all persons in society.

    • Laws, State Institutions and Legal Processes based on Human Rights and Humjan Dignity
      Changes to laws, Constitutions, legal processes, police processes and oversight processes to fully protect the human rights, legal rights, common law rights and Constitutional rights of all persons, and quickly identify corruption and abuses of power and resolve them. And use this fair, equitable and just system to promote mental health, emotional health and physical health, and more stable societies. These legal changes are listed on www.healingcentres.org/law.htm

    • Sources of Trauma and Stress
      This is very important. Identify and resolve sources of trauma and stress. Address the root causes. This may involve the use of law and legal tools, court cases and the enforcement of rights, restitution, and mediation meetings.

    • Social Inclusion
      This will involve social and economic changes to more fully socially include and integrate marginalised and vulnerable groups in society. This includes minorities, the disabled, the unemployed, the ill, and the elderly. This will end discrimination, stigma, and prejudices which have destroyed societies worldwide for many years. Some policies are detailed in sections below.

Overcoming Addiction

  • Addiction Counselling & Support Services in the Community.
    This would be undertaken by professionals with experience of best practises worldwide.
  • Specialist Addiction Services within the Clinic or attached to the Clinic
    These would provide intensive services for those recovering from addiction. These would use and integrate best practises from around the world. The most successful therapes, methods, techniques and strategies from around the world be sourced and used. This service and would be available 7 days a week. This clinic would liase with public organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and other services in the community to help persons overcome addictions and help them integrate with society, work, and social activities.
    Some innovations in this area include
    • ReHab4 Addiction. This is UK based and uses very innovative methods and strategies for overcoming addiction.
  • Oxford House Movement for Recovering Alcoholics and Drug Addicts
    In the USA, special houses known as 'Oxford Houses' provide accommodation and support for those people overcoming addictions. The atmosphere is one of support, encouragement and motivation to overcome addiction and resume employment and independent living. These have proven to be very successful and are rececing fuding from the NIH in the USA, the American government http://www.oxfordhouse.org/userfiles/file/index.phpand private donors.
    The Best Treatment For Drug Addicts Is Community
    Oxford House web site

  • The Yuen method of healing
    This method of healing has proven to be very effective for healing mental ilnesses, emotional illnesses and physical illnesses. Dr Kam Yuen and Mr. Leroy Malouf are the top healers in the world using this healng technique. These techniques would be used in the Healing centres to bring about deep levels of healing for patients.
    The Yuen Method
    The work of Leroy Malouf
  • Use of Multimedia for Healing
    Use of new and innovative audio-visual technologies to encourage healing of the patient and facilitate recovery. This would include total immersion technologies and facilities, and combining sound, light, colour, vibration, smell, positive, uplifting thoughts, feeling and sensation and bio-feedback to heal at a deep level and recover. The great work of Dannion Brinkley in hospices in the USA could be used here. There would be broadband Internet connections to facilitate audio-visual healing programmes delivered over the Internet.
  • Meditation in Nature
    This would involve meditating in nature and taking in the natural beauty, sights, sounds, smells, and ryhthms of nature. This may include:
    • meditating beside the sea and using the movement of the waves to take in positive, healing, uplifting and empowering energies and chi (waves coming in) and releasing negative emotions, trauma and worries (waves going out)
    • using trees
    • going into forests or woods and using the trees and roots to ground oneself. And listening to bird song or observing the motions of trees or the motion of birds / animals
    • drawing in the healing frequenices of the bees and of bird song
    • meditating beside a waterfall and using the water energy to take in positive, healing, uplifting and empowering energies and chi
    • meditating at dawn or sunset and taking in positive, healing, uplifting and empowering energies and chi from the sun
  • Transcendental Meditation
    Transcendental mediation has been used in India, China and other eastern countries for thousands of years. It is the core of eastern spirituality and philosophy, and has powerful healing qualities.

  • Other Types of Meditation
    There would also be other forms of meditation practised such as Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, Tibetan meditation, Christian meditation, Buddhist meditation, Hindu meditation, Muslim meditation, Sikh meditation, Jewish meditation. Relaxation therapy will also be used. This would use highly effective, well proven relaxation therapies to help patients relax, de-stress, chill out and cope better with the difficult and challenging issues which can arise in life. Meditation and Relaxation therapy has been proven effective in many research studies and medical practises.

  • Sources of Trauma and Stress
    This is very important. Identify and resolve sources of trauma and stress. Address the root causes. This may involve the use of law and legal tools, court cases and the enforcement of rights, restitution, and mediation meetings.
  • Light Therapy
    Light therapy has been found to be effective in treating Depression and some other mental illnesses. There will be many light boxes in the centre which will be part of the treatment and recovery programme for some patients.
  • Exercise
    Research shows that it can reduce stress, increase endorphins and calming neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system, normalise the endocrine system, improve the immune system, improve circulation and oxygenation of the organs, glands and tissues, and improve mental health and physical health. This would involve different types of exercise programmes designed to meet the needs of each patient and facilitate improvement and recovery. A gym, aerobics room, and swimming pool, and natural surroundings to jog / run / walk would assist this. Other programmes such as hill walking, forest wallks, and beach walks, would also be provided through the centre. This would be complemented by nutritional therapy (mentioned above) designed to optimise mental and physical health.
  • Diet and lifestyle changes
    The findings of top dieticians and nutritionists in relation to diet and mental health and physical health would be used in the centre. Patrick Holford, the world's leading nutritionist has written a few books about optimum nutrition for the mind and body. His book Optimum Nutrition For The Mind provides some excellent information on nutrition, vitamins and supplements and lifestyle changes to improve and cure mental illnesses.
    Certain foods and supplements, such as Omega-3 oils,  GLA,  Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C,  TMG, Phosphatidyl Choline,  Phosphatidyl Serine, 5-HTP, Magnesium, GABA, Blueberries, Ginseng, Wild Yam, Oat porridge, Turmeric, Cocoa, Valerian, Methylation cycle normalisation, Probiotics, White sugar elimination from the diet, Elimination of foods containing Aspartame, MSG, Soft drinks & Fizzy drinks (too much white sugar), Flouride and GMO from the diet, Taurine, Ginkgo (for circulation of blood in the brain) and Amino acids have very strong effects on the mind and body, and have no side effects. But, most pharmaceutical drugs have serious side effects and cause significant damage to the organs and body over time, increasing  the risk of serious physical illness and premature death. Sadly, most mental health patients are not tested for biological illnesses and the side effects of medical drugs as doctors dismiss and mock them by saying “it’s all in the mind”. Thus serious physical illnesses are ignored and neglected, and patients have died.  This is confirmed by recent research.

    Use of Cocoa
    Research shows that cocoa can increase endorphins, serotonin, Phenylethylamine (PEAs), Anandamide in the brain. These chemicas help uplift a person and improve one's mood.

    Glucose treatments and electrolyte treatment for PTSD patients and those people suffering depression and other mental illnesses. This is very effective and assists progress and recovery.
  • Stress Reduction therapies, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapies, & Positive and Uplifting Life Experiences
    • sufficient sleep
    • eat highly nutritional healthy foods, drink a lot of clean filtered water, exercise body and mind, and spend time in Nature.
    • create new positive and uplifting experiences every day to replace negative experiences in the past
    • enjoyable outdoor recreation in nature or beside the sea / rivers - examples being jogging, walking, biking, hiking, caneoing, skating, skiing or swimming.
    • walk in a park or forest or along a mountain trail, walk barefooted on a sandy beach or grass,
    • plant flowers and vegetables
    • light exercise such as walking, cycling, etc. in the sunshine. Sunlight has many healing properties.
    • Meditation including meditation in nature. See varous types of meditation above.
    • if you can have a pet, adopt one or more from a shelter—the gratitude of animals who live with caring persons brings high vibrations into the home.
    • deep breathing, yoga, aromatherapy and massage
    • go dancing
    • volunteering in community activities such as hospice, animal shelters, school programs, homeless shelters and services, educational projects and community projects in socially disadvantaged areas, etc. uplifts your life as you uplift the lives of others
    • enjoyable hobbies
    • visit friends
    • visit ethnic restaurants
    • go to art galleries, museums, movies, sporting events.
    • laughter therapy is effective in most cases and increases endorphins in the brain, reduces stress, increases oxytocin, increases calming and 'feel good' neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system, reduces cortisol, and can reduce inflammation. These affect brain function, HPA axis function and endocrine function, immune system function, intestinal function, heart function and liver function. Regular Laughter therapy over significant time periods (months, years) has powerful positive effects on the human body.
  • Consciousness Raising
    This would be a vital part of therapy. Many methods would be used to raise consciousness. This would include spiritual practises and non spiritual practises. The objective being to develop a stronger sense of personal responsibility, group responsibility, family responsibility and neighbourhoods responsibility, and society responsibility, in the maintenance of good, positive mental health, positive and uplifting interpersonal development and growth, and positive harmonious social relations and progress over time.
  • Relationships
    Relationships are a fundamental and important part of human existence. They have a deep and lasting impact on all persons, all social structures and interactions, and on societies. The quality of peoples' consciousness and level of mental, emotional and spiritual development directly influences their relationships. The superficial and the shallow, which dominates today, produces predictable negative results. And will continue to do so.
    The Holistic Healing Centres would encourage and promote the developmet of deep and meaningful relationships. And the maintenance of such, where it is possible. Also healing of relationship problems and difficulties experienced by those suffering relationship breakdowns or difficulties. Those suffering mental health problems or other disabilities which adversely affect their relationships would be prioritised in the clinic. The importance of
    • compatibility
    • respect
    • flexibility & compromise
    • mutual understanding
    • compassion
    • positive verbal and non verbal communication (Dr. John Gottman)

    in relationships would be encouraged and developed.

  • Art / Painting therapy
    this therapy gives patients a deeper appreciation of life, beauty, contrasts, and aesthetics. It uplifts patients and gives them more confidence and meaning.
  • Music Therapy and Sound Therapy
    Certain types of music has very powerful healing effects on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. These would be used for healing purposes in the clinic. These types of music include:
    • Classical music, in particular Baroque music and Mozart's music
    • The music of the spheres
    • Some spiritual music which is healing
    • Some New Age music which is healing
  • Occupational Therapy.
    Each centre would employ several therapists.
  • Goal Setting & Mentoring
    The setting of goals and the achieving of goals. Listing of values and goals which are most important to an individual. The building of resilience and persistence and the ability to 'bounce back' from setbacks in life so as to achieve these goals

    Proper mentoring of patients to achieve the following:
    (i) build self confidence and self-esteem. This is very important and a foundation for the patient.
    (ii) respect for oneself and for others. Development and implementation of non judgmental attitudes to oneself and to others 
    (iii) to love oneself and accept oneself. And to extend this love to others 
    (iv) self-belief and self-actualisation in terms of social activities, work, relationships, training, education, housing, sport, exercise, hobbies, spirituality, career, attainment of one’s goals and objectives in life, etc.
    (v) encourage inclusion in society and positive and constructive engagement with society
    (vi) build resilience, mental toughness and mental strength
    (vii) acquire self-discipline, responsibility, and self-motivation
    (viii) deepen one’s spirituality and awareness, and use it to develop empathy and compassion for others.
    (ix) respect for human rights, democracy and freedom, for checks and balances of power, and the development of a social conscience  

    This will involve several holistic healing programs in the centre itself and in coordination with other organisations outside the centre.
  • Qigong  (Chi Kung)  and Tai Chi
    Do light, gentle exercise such as Qigong  (Chi Kung)  and Tai Chi beside flowing rivers, waterfalls, in forests or mountains, to increase energy every day. They consist of very gentle, slow exercises and deep breathing, many of them can be done standing up or sitting down and involve little or no movement. They open up the energy centers and cause healthy energy (chi) to flow throughout the body, rebuilding and restoring health. They are designed to build up your energy levels not to build muscle or get fit. In China, millions of elderly people some in their eighties and nineties can be seen doing these exercises every day. They do not cause pains and aches like other forms of exercise, as they are gentle and slow. Their focus on increasing energy levels makes them excellent for all illnesses. I have attached a good introduction video to chi kung or qi gong exercises. As you will see it involves little or no movement and focuses on building up one's energy. I have also included a link to books below.

    Video: Youtube video - Chi Kung Exercises

    - Chi Kung for Health and Vitality: A Practical Approach to the Art of Energy
    - Qigong, The Secret of Youth: Da Mo's Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Classics

  • Bruno Groening spiritual healing

    This uses spiritual or divine energies to rebuild one's health. Thousands of people have been cured of incurable medical illnesses since the 1950's through the spiritual healing of Bruno Groening, and this has been verified by medical doctors in several countries. For more information, visit the following web site:
    Bruno Groening spiritual healing

  • Energy Healing
    Some EM frequencies and sound or audio therapies provide deep healing for physical and mental illnesses. These will be used in the centre. This will involve investment in EM frequency machines and special sound and audio equipment. These therapies may be combined with (different) light therapies to facilitate deeper, lasting levels of healing and recovery.
    The centre will also use Bio-energy to improve, balance and normalise one's energy levels and balance the body, mind and spirit. A good example being http://www.plexusbio-energy.com/
  • Use of Ley Line energies for Healing
    Ley line energies have been used for healing purposes for thousands years. Several ancient civilisations used them. Many Christian churches and cathedrals were built on ley lines, particualrly intersections of ley lines. Ley line energies will be used to heal patients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This would involve excursions to locations where there are powerful ley lines and intersections of several ley lines.
  • The Healing Code by Dermot O'Connor

    Dermot O'Connor author of the Healing Code recovered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He runs a very successful clinic in Dublin, Ireland where he helps people recover from physical illnesses, emotional illnesses, and mental illnesses. He uses a variety of treatments to restore health and fitness.

    Healing Code Book

    Healing Code Clinic web site

  • Complementary Therapies
    Extensive use of Complementary Therapies, energy healing and spiritual healing:
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Reiki to balance energy levels
    • Yoga, including Kundalini, Hatha, Raja, Tantric, Hot Yoga
    • Christian Yoga
    • Dynamic Meditation
    • Writing therapy
    • Colour therapy
    • Teachings of the Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, and the "I am" and "Oneness" teachings and therapies
    • using the principles and practises of the Inner Peace Movement
    • Ascension teachings, meditations and spiritual practises
    • Consciousnes Raising
    • Various types of spiritual healing based on love and compassion
    • Use of prayer, divine connection in combination with good deeds and words and work for social justice
    • Sexual healing and relationships healing
    • Acupuncture, Acupressure
    • Use of natural energy lines and grids to encourage healing
    • Nature walks in woodlands, forests, and beaches and hill walking to encourage an appreciation of nature and the company of other people
    • Breathing therapy, including Butyeko methods.
    • Aromatherapy uses the sense of smell to induce feelings of calm, focus, stress relief, transcedence, happiness, relaxation, etc.
    • Ayurvedic therapies to improve mental and spiritual well being
    • Chinese medicine therapies to improve mental and spiritual well being
    • Joining Philosophy courses which expand one's mind, reasoning and view of the world
    • Culture therapy - visiting museums, art galleries, theatres, historical sites, and the cultural sites in other countries.
    • Dancing - swing, salsa, lambada, ballroom, tap, swirling, ethnic dancing from different countries, sufi dancing..
  • These services could be sub-contracted out to private experts in the field who could rent or lease facilities in the Holistic Healing centre for specified days / hours per week. . The overall aim being to improve the health and well being of patients, and facilitate recovery. There would be several quiet sound-proofed rooms for meditation and healing spiritual practises. These therapies would be used in the centre and at home by the patient.

  • Banning the use of violent films, dvd’s, video games and television programmes for all those with mental illness in the centre and at home. The combination of the pain body, pain field, suffering and angst present in many people mental illnesses or mental / emotional difficulties with the violent imagery in films, dvd’s, video games and television programmes, creates a dynamic which is destructive to the individual, the family, the community / neighbourhood and society.  Patients must be given imagery which heals the mind, the body, the emotions and the spirit. Imagery which is positive, uplifting, hope-giving, constructive and encourages love, self awareness, gratitude, respect, and tolerance.
  • Combat Ignorance in Society
    Patients would be taught ‘Civics, Constitutional rights and Social Responsibility’ and this would be compulsory. This subject would fully educate students about their Constitutional rights, civil rights, legal rights, common law rights, natural law, and human rights, and their legal responsibilities. The social responsibility section would emphasise involvement in democracy and democratic processes, being respectful, taking responsibility in their own lives,  and voluntary work in charities, foundations and voluntary bodies to improve society and the wider world.
  • Many individualised support services either running out of the centre or in coordination with other service providers / businesses to meet the needs of the patient The focus must be on healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Complete and thorough healing, which lasts over the long term.

  • There would still be a need for psychiatrists and medications for seriously ill patients and acute emergencies. These psychiatric drugs could be reduced over time and the treatments mentioned above given to the patient to heal the mind, emotions, spirit and body.
  1. Patients, carers and families and the Holistic Healing centre would liase with the following organisations to provide additional supports and services to patients :

Addressing Biological Factors and Emotional Factors in Depression and Mental illnesses

  1. Acknowledge the role played by Neurological inflammation and lesions as a result of neurological infections, immune dysfunctions, autoimmune illnesses and disorders in mental illnesses, these are often ignored by doctors. Rectification of this via adequate MRI,  SPECT, MRS, and PET scans for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

  2. Acknowledge the part played by chronic viral, mycplasma, bacteria, and lyme infections of the nervous system and brain, and the neuro inflammation which results from this and affects mental and emotional health and physical health. This is often ignored by doctors.

    Virome Capture Sequencing platform develped by Dr. Lipkin of Columbia University in New York in the USA enables one to test for over 2,000,000 viruses in blood tests or spinal fluids tests or tissue tests. It is highly accurate, fast and inexpensive. It uses the genetic signatures of viruses, and is more accurate than PCR.
    MBio. 2015 Sep 22;6(5). pii: e01491-15. doi: 10.1128/mBio.01491-15. Virome Capture Sequencing Enables Sensitive Viral Diagnosis and Comprehensive Virome Analysis. Briese T, Kapoor A, Mishra N, Jain K, Kumar A, Jabado OJ, Lipkin WI.
    Article from Scientific American magazine - Trawling for Viruses

    Virscan Test developed by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This tests for 250 viruses commonly found in humans.

    Test spinal fluids, inflamed or infected intestinal tissue and muscle tissue, blood,
    blood markers (IgG and IgM), blood vessels, immune system cells, especially B cells, heart tissue, joints and synovial fluids, thyroid gland, and inflamed samples from dorsal root ganglia, basal ganglia, brain stem, vagus nerve, autonomic ganglia, peripheral ganglia, anterior and posterior horns of the spinal cord, cervical and lumbar nerve roots and peripheral nerves and sites of brain lesions for the following:

    • Chronic Lyme, including systemic Lyme infection, Lyme Neuroborreliosis, Lyme carditis and Lyme neuro psychiatric disorders. Test for Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia garinii, Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia valaisiana, B. miyamotoi
    • All viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, parasites and fungii
    • Test for Oligoclonal bands

  3. Heavy metal Toxins and Chemicals in the Brain and Nervous System
    The toxic effects of the poisoning of food, air, and water supplies in many developed western countries and developing countries. This has led to an increase in neurological illnesses, psychiatric illnesses, autism, birth defects and other degenerative illness with neuro-psychiatric effects.
    Do toxicology tests on patients with mental illnesses and emotional disorders

  4. Sources of Trauma and Stress
    This is very important. Identify and resolve sources of trauma and stress. Address the root causes. This may involve the use of law and legal tools, court cases and the enforcement of rights, restitution, and mediation meetings.

  5. People with depression seem three times as likely as those without it to have two brain lobes curled around each other.  Occipital bending, in which lobes at the back of the brain's left and right hemispheres twist around each other.  Brain scans should be undertaken to identify this in patients with Depression.

  6. Endocrine Ilnesses
    • Hypopituitarism, post-traumatic Hypopituitarism (PTHP), and Pituitary Diseases often undiagnosed for years and also misdiagnosed as Depression. How doctors are failing to spot the brain injury that could be behind 30,000 cases of 'chronic fatigue' Daily Mail, 17 May 2014. The Glucagon stimulation test is recommended by endocrinologists.
    • Hypercortisolaemia often misdiagnosed as Depression
    • Pituitary gland disorders often misdiganosed as Depression or other mental illnesses. Test functions, hormone output and for structural damage to the pituitary gland
    • Hypothalmus gland disorders often misdiagnosed as Depression. Test functions, hormone output and for structural damage to the hypothalmus gland
    • Pineal gland disorders often diagnosed as Depression. Test functions, hormone output and for structural damage to the pineal gland
    • Thyroid gland disorders often misdiagnosed as Depression. Hashimoto's thyroiditis, abnormal Reverse T3 levels and activity, TSH, TPO (TPO - if positive, T4 & T3 dosage will need to be increased). T4 - free and bound, T3 - free (often low even if T4 is normal in ME due to the sick thyroid syndrome). .Level of thyroid hormone bound to thyroid binding globulin (TBG). Levels of Free T4 and Free T3. TRH test - the best thyroid test of all, Defects in the conversion rate of T4 to T3 (Dr. Edward Conley), Thyroiditis and inflammation of the thyroid gland.
    • Adrenal gland disorders often misdiagnosed as Depression. Test for Addison's disease, Test for hypo-adrenalism or adrenal insufficiency, Test for abnormal levels of adrenal hormones, Test for shrinking of adrenal glands and structural damage to the adrenal glands.
      Genova Laboratory http://www.gdx.net/uk/product/20

  7. Electrolyte Deficiency
    This is a factor in many cases as the brain and nervous system are very dependent on electrolytes. Deficiencies will lead to brain and nervous system dysfunctions and emtional disorders.

  8. Acknowledge the role played by genetic factors in mental illness. This would involve use of genetic tests to identify pre-dispositions to mental illness and also biological illnesses present. Genetic defects such as Methylation cycle defects can have both physical and mental effects on patients. Rectification of this via genetic tests for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

  9. Acknowledge the part played by spinal injuries and brain injuries in the development of mental illness.  Rectification of this via adequate MRI,  SPECT, MRS, and PET scans for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

  10. Acknowledge the part played by brain tumours and frontal lobe epilepsy and frontal lobe disorders in the development of mental illness. Rectification of this via adequate MRI,  SPECT, MRS, and PET scans for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

  11. Acknowledge the relationship and links between the intestines and the brain, and the development of emotional / psychological issues. Rectification of intestinal dysbiosis and other abnormalities via medication and diet changes.

  12. Ackowledge the effects of toxins in the environment and their effects on brain tissue, nerves, brain neurotransmitters, and breaches of the blood-brain barrier. Rectification of this via adequate toxin tests of blood, urine, spinal fluid and brain tissue, and MRI, SPECT scans for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

  13. Acknowledge the role played by food allergies in the development of or worsening of  mental illness. Rectification of this via adequate tests for patients and appropriate biological based treatments.

    Other Important Factors

  14. There is a long history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children in Ireland. The scandals in the catholic church have brought this to light in recent years. This abuse occurred in religious run institutions and also in families where religion played an important role. Today many adults suffer from the effects of this and they have largely been neglected by the mental health services. This has been particularly true since the recession and austerity began in Ireland in 2008. The meagre compensation payments given to victims have been wasted on drink, cheap entertainment and drugs in many cases. This represents a form of self-medication in an environment lacking in proper mental health services and suffering austerity and severe cutbacks. The new centres would address this problem directly. The new healing centres would have ring-fenced funding on a legal and Constitutional basis with Irish government and EU government backing. We should not sacrifice the health and well being of the Irish people and nation to bail out national and foreign private banks, foreign bondholders and their political clients in Europe. The Irish government, the HSE, Irish health system, the Irish legal system and the Irish people have a duty of care to the Irish people, and this needs to be prioritised. The healing centres would provide a deeper type of healing for those afflicted by physical, emotional and sexual abuse in the past. This would involve:

    - multiple healing programmes over considerable periods of time
    - they would also aid and facilitate people in getting justice via the courts and via the press and media.
    - access to lawyers, barristers, legal experts, police, prosecutors, the press and media, etc.

    The centres would act in liaison with Childline and other such organisations to prevent and report child abuse to the authorities and the press and media, and provide treatment options for those children who have suffered or are suffering child abuse. The psychological effects of child abuse are serious and tend to affect people later in life, with often tragic consequences. These healing centres would act to address these issues directly and effectively.

  15. Acknowledge the role played by alcohol and drug abuse by mental health patients and implement measures to identify and rectify this. This is a very important area, as alcohol and drug abuse tends to worsen existing mental health illness and create additional conditions of misunderstandings and conflict which worsen the illness. This would involve individualised and group treatments in the centre, addiction counselling, detoxification and rehabilitation, and liaison with other organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous,  Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, Threshold, and Cope. The gym, aerobics area, swimming pool and sauna and natural surroundings for walks and jogging and new diet would facilitate detoxification of the patient.

  16. Protecting Legal & Human Rights
    Additional incentives including  introducing new laws to cover stigmatising, discrimination against and other forms of bullying, aggression and harassment of those with mental illness. Most normal, healthy  people have a pathological fear of police and courts and this fear can be used to stop the widespread abuse of mental health patients. This would greatly assist the work in these holistic healing centres and the health and well being of patients.

  17. Education System
    Lobbying for positive and constructive changes to education systems. This has a huge effect on a peron's emotional and mental development. For too many decades, the education system was based on denigrating, belitting, mocking and insulting children, dividing them against each other, hating and mistrusting each other, and making them fearful through oppressive forms of control. This was destructive to children and to adults, and to societies.

    The new changes to the education system must Include the following:

    • more tolerance and pluralism in education. Non sectarian and non discriminatory schools. An acceptance of other cultures, and other religions and other ethnic groups, as a means to creating more civilised and peaceful societies and world.

      Educational Models of Excellence
    • use of assistive technologies and Special Needs Assistants to enable disabled children to fully participate in the education system and reach their potential.
    • full development of the creative side of school children
    • full development of the analytical side of school children, including critical thinking, analytical thinking and logical and rational reasoning
    • full development of the emotional intelligence of school children
    • development of empathy in school children
    • use of art and music to facilitate learning (Steiner schools)
    • Combat Ignorance
      All secondary schools or high schools introduce a new compulsory subject to the curriculum called ‘Civics Constitutional rights and Social Responsibility’ and this would be compulsory subject for all state exams. This subject would fully educate students about their Constitutional rights, civil rights, legal rights, common law rights, natural law, and human rights, and their legal responsibilities. The social responsibility section would emphasise involvement in democracy and democratic processes, being respectful, taking responsibility in their own lives,  and voluntary work in charities, foundations and voluntary bodies to improve society and the wider world.
    • use of Accelerated Learning techniques to develop learning skills
    • an educational environment which encourages mutual respect between all persons, and a nurturing, positive and uplifting environment for learning.
    • the teacher gaining authority through fostering rapport
    • an educational environment which builds up the self confidence and self esteem of school children in an environment which is respectful to all.
    • collaborative group work and teamwork, involving projects which engage deeply with the subject matter (of a course), and encourage students to learn and analytically, logically and critically evaluate the material, should make up to 50% of all marks given for a final Certificate in secondary school, (high school) and national school.
    • career guidance which focusses on what 3 - 4 fields the child has a strong interest in, loves doing, and finds fulfilling.
    • the teaching of Civics should be mandatory in all schools and colleges and Universities. People need to be educated about democracy, democratic institutions, checks and balances, oversight bodies, transparency and accountability, human rights, legal rights and social justice.
    • development of the latent abilities in school children
    • What do we need to teach our children ?

      Schools Outreach programmes
      The Holistic Healing centres could act as meeting places and information points for school officials, teachers and parents. For impoverished and disadvantaged communities, school principals could meet with parents in the Holistic Healing centre and parents would be asked what services they feel would be most helpful. Based on that input and with the aid of selected teachers, the principals could formulate a comprehensive plan that could include the following: tutoring in studies, child care facilities, part-time jobs for older students, lessons not available in schools, individual and group counseling, medical services, dental services, rooms where family gatherings can be held, recreational facilities, veterinary care, transportation, tickets to special events, trips to museums and art galleries, provision of food and clothing, Big Brother and Big Sister activities, construction and repair services, vehicle maintenance, financial donations. The principal's present the final plan to the mayor and city council, local government and national government, civic associations, sports groups, churches, libraries, store owners, restaurants, bankers, artists and musicians, technicians, mechanics, police, communication specialists, attorneys, healthcare providers — all organizations and individuals who have significant capabilities. And they could provide funding, resources, expertise, and skilled personnel to the schools.

  18. Community Regeneration and Neighbourhood Regeneration programmes
    Many poorer and disadvantaged communities have become breeding grounds for crime, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal gangs, negativity, bullying and harassment, the development of mental illnesses, family breakdowns, and the abuse of those people with mental illness and other disabilities. These problems have been ignored by government officials, health officials, religious organisations, journalists, businesses, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. The Holistic Healing centres would lobby for and work in liasion with Community regneration programmes. They would provide positive and constructive assistance and support, and help in the healing of the people involved and the communities involved.

    Community Outreach programmes
    The Holistic Healing centres could act as meeting places and information points for community leaders, civic leaders, local politicians, organisations and businesses. For impoverished and disadvantaged communities, community leaders could meet with ordinary community members and ask what services they feel would be most helpful. Based on that input and with the aid of community advisors and experts, the leaders could formulate a comprehensive plan that could include the following: community centres or additions to such, sporting facilities, part-time jobs for older residents and the unemployed, skills development, individual and group counseling, community health centres, credit unions, food banks, rooms where family gatherings can be held, veterinary care, transportation link ups, community events or festivals, community trips to museums and art galleries, Big Brother and Big Sister activities, local business development and marketing. The leaders present the final plan to the mayor and city council, local government and national government, civic associations, sports groups, churches, libraries, store owners, restaurants, bankers, artists and musicians, technicians, mechanics, police, communication specialists, attorneys, healthcare providers — all organizations and individuals who have significant capabilities. And they could provide funding, resources, expertise, and skilled personnel to these communities.

  19. Ubuntu Movement
    The  principles of the Ubuntu movement in South Africa to more widely distribute income and wealth in a reformed monetary system and free market system, and also build stronger community stability and cohesion, and use of renewable energies / energy independence. This system is proving to be very successful and a blueprint for sustainable economic growth over time, and more stable economic and social systems worldwide

  20. Using Holistic healing centres and schools and colleges to educate all persons about their human rights, democratic rights, Constitutional rights and Common law rights. And educate them about corruptions of laws which undermines these rights, some of these are listed here www.healingcentres.org/law.htm

  21. Empowering ill people with information and information technologies
    The Holistic Helaing centres must coordinate the activities of many different state bodies, charities, voluntary oragnisations and businesses around the country for the purpose of providing timely and relevant information to users of the Holistic Healing centres. This would include providing the following types of information to those expereincing mental health disability and any other disability:

    - education and training opportunities
    - employment opportunities
    - accessible transport and buildings
    - social housing
    - independent living
    - mentoring services
    - occupational therapy

    - disability guide
    - advocacy services
    - one's rights and entitlements.
    - initiatives and programmes aimed at ending stigma and discrimination
    - legal and human rights
    - sports
    - the arts
    - aids and appliances
    - complementary and alternative health services run through the centre and outside the centre
    - projects and workshops
    - volunteering opportunities

  22. Encourage patients and others to take principled stands and to actively work to improve their societies in many ways, and work to improve human rights, social justice and freedoms, and the lives of all persons in their nations and in other nations. This would involve working for charities and voluntary organisations and agencies. Work towards the creation of a new world based more on the 'helping hand' than on the 'judgmental pointed finger'.

  23. Fostering and encouraging of changes to economic and political ideologies and paradigms to encourage greater equality and social justice within democracies. And use of this to build social stability, better oversight, transparency and accountability in government, the legal system, banking and business, better healthcare for all persons, and encouraging all persons to make contributions to the economy and society and improve their productivity over time. Liasion with national schools and secondary schools, colleges and Universities, and government and state policy bodies to achieve this. The government could assist this by making Civics a required subject to pass in order to graduate from secondary school and from college / University.

  24. Proper mentoring of the general public and use of disability awareness training programmes for this purpose. These can be delivered in the centres and outside the centre by coordinating with other organisations and persons trained in this area. The emphasis being on family members of patients, neighbours, community members, etc. to educate them about mental health illness issues and the need for tolerance, respect, kindness and acceptance of those with these illnesses.  Development and implementation of non judgmental attitudes by these parties. Encourage unity and brotherhood in a practical way.

  25. Refund of 300 billion euros from ECB to certain EU countries as agreed by EU governments and EU Commission in 2012. This relates to the massive bail out of European banks, bankers, pensions fund, hedge funds, insurance companies, and bondholders by European taxpayers since 2008. Use of some of these refunds could be used to implement Holistic Healing centres in Europe.

  26. Proper independent auditing of all mental health hospitals, clinics and the holistic healing centres twice a year, at random. All mental health services must be audited to identify problems, and assess effectiveness. Implementation of solutions and independent auditing of solutions. Independent auditing is important and should be free of bias and conflicts of interest.

  27. Use of whistleblowers to identify abuses of the mental health system and services. This would include all mental health hospitals, clinics and the holistic healing centres. This could be used to corroborate evidence and independent audit reports, and implement necessary solutions and changes to the system and services.

  28. Proper independent auditing of the Police and the whole Legal system to identify abuses of the rights of disabled people. And use of this to rectify these issues through new  laws and new policing guidelines. This will involve liaison with the Garda Ombudsman, Garda whistleblowers, confidential Garda recipients, the Minister for Justice, and work by law professors and lecturers,  post graduate students, sociologists, legal researchers and lawyers.

  29. Use of Analytics 3.0  to analyse all aspects of the Holistic Healing centres, the HSE, the mental health system and services to identify problems, ineffectiveness and inefficiencies. Use these analytics to devise action plans and time schedules to bring the mental health system and services up to date with international standards of excellence.  A proper system of accountability at all levels of the mental health system and HSE. Use of analytics to drive constant improvement and innovation in all aspects of mental health system and services.
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