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Effects of Stigma, Prejudices, Discrimination, Injustices

Memorial to Irish Famine Victims, Dublin, Ireland
Evictions during Irish Famine. Misuse of law and religion
Thousands of victims of nazi concentration camps
Body of Syrian child Aylan Kurdi. Victim of ‘regime change’

Society and its many ills, conflicts, and wars is governed by interpersonal communications and dynamics and the feedback mechanisms which are part of this. Individuals are in a constant dynamic feedback with society, in the form of families, friends, work colleagues, teams, casual acqaintances, strangers, etc. Central to all of this is stigma and prejudices. Stigma, prejudices, hatreds, discrimination fuel the misundersandings, injustices and the conflicts in our families, communities, societies and nations and the wars between nations. They divide people against each other on the grounds of:
- race
- religion
- skin colour
- social class
- disability or illness
- job
- gender
- unemployment
- ethnic group
- perceived differences between people
- lies, gossip, and slanders
- age
- political views
- one's appearance or looks
- weight

They create negative communication dynamics and feedback mechanisms which have far reaching consequences. This poisons humans and destroys relationships with other people, one's fellow humans, one's God, one's principles, and the earth. Gossip, backbiting, slanders, idle talk, rumours, hateful talk, prejudices, stigma leads to aggression, violence, serious physical injury, damage to property, crimes, hurt to family and friends, intimidation, bullying, and social exclusion create illnesses of the body, mind and soul. They have biological consequences which can be measured in the genes, the blood, the messenger RNA, the hormones, immune cells, brain chemicals, brain glucose levels, the brain and nervous system structures of people, which causes many illnesses. This sets up structures of physical causation and biological causation which lead to hatreds, intensification of divisions between people, conflicts, wars, genocides, crimes, injustices etc.. The pictures and the videos on this web page show the destructive effects of this on all of our lives.


The following pictures are the reality of ‘Regime Change’ in the Middle East started, supported and backed by some christian nations in the west and gulf states in the Middle East.

Watch video of Syria - https://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV/videos/1039270009448119/

'War would exist without countries. War emerges from consciousness
immersed in division / separation and accompanying injustices'

Wars and conflicts have greatly benefitted certain rich and priviliged sections of society while manipulating, using and destroying the poor, the working class, innocent civilians, the gullible, the naive, the young, and the weak minded.

The Core issues
The core issues afflicting humanity can be categorised as follows :

  1. Excessive selfishness, self-centredness, greed, acquisitiveness, avarice, corruption, corrupt deals, materialism, ego, claiming to be correct all of the time in one’s views, dogma or beliefs, self aggrandisement, self importance, accompanied by
  2. Not caring for others, neglecting others, dismissing others, fobbing off others, being too busy all the time, and meanness accompanied by
  3. Judging others, condemning others, belittling and mocking others, gossiping about others, slandering others, prejudice and discrimination, bullying others, religious hypocrisy, undermining others, inciting hatred against others which leads to
  4. Tensions, misunderstandings, conflicts, wars, genocides, holocausts, acrimony, break ups,  bitterness, hatred, violence, crime, etc. and
  5. An inability or unwillingness to properly fund and resource the healing of humanity and healing centres for this purpose. And in addition to this lack of healing, there is an accompanying inability or unwillingness to strategise for peace and harmony and achieve it at individual and groups levels and at national and international levels. Thus, sick and deranged politicians, governments, advisors, diplomats, political lobbyists and their wealthy funders, economists, journalists, and political strategists remain in their sickness and point the finger at others and judge and condemn others and create continuous conflict at all levels in the world.

There are deeper spiritual, secular, existential, philsophical and humanitarian aspects to this problem of stigma, prejudices, discrimination and tribalistic hatreds. The following letters adressed to leaders of many religions and spiritual organisations, and accompanying economic papers and sociology papers deal with the issue of stigma, prejudices, and discrimination, gossip and slander, social exclusion, ghettos, and violence, unlimited greed and injustices, and the hateful divisions and conflicts they cause.

Doing nothing or ignoring these problems is not an option anymore. Humanity has done nothing and tried to ignore it for far too long, but this has caused great suffering for most of humanity. “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Humanity has been silent too long and suffered enough, and continues to suffer, and this suffering will be increased further for you, your family, your children and grandchildren, your friends, your loved ones, your colleagues, and all persons, in a world full of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and increased trade in these as a result of social breakdown, state corruption, political and legal system corruption, the continuation of terrible injustices and cycles of revenge, international criminality, and the fuelling of continuous conflicts and terror. People in all countries need to work together to overcome stigma and prejudices, and to heal and build healing in all areas of life. Did George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the freedom and democracy fighters in many countries in the 19th and 20th century, and the victorious allies in world war war two, do nothing and wait around for Jesus or some other messiah to come ? The answer is no. Doing nothing and waiting around for Jesus or other messiahs is not an option. All persons need to take personal responsibility and make a stand to make their communities, societies and world better, fairer and more humane.

There are activities you and others can do to help end stigma and conflicts

- refuse to stigmatise others
- refuse prejudices and discrimination
- refuse to speak gossip and slander, and refuse to listen to it
- refuse to socially exclude others
- refuse to ghetto-ise people
- refuse to bully others
- refuse to abuse others
- refuse to judge others
- refuse to belittle, sneer at, and mistreat others
- refuse to sit down and accept all manner of social injustices, economic injustices, political corruption and injuustices, and legal injustices and corruption
- working and carrying out actions to support each other against injustices and against bullies, tyrants and stigmatisers
- working and carrying out actions to provide support to the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the ill, the elderly, those in distress from floods or other natural disasters, the innocent victims of crimes and wars
- support Constitutional amendments, laws and government policies which end stigma, prejudices, discrimination and ghettos. And which protect human rights.
- support new poltical policies, new laws and new economic policies to end stigma, prejudices, discrimination, ghettos, and tribalistic hatreds. Economic, social and political policies which build tolerance, brotherhood and fraternity among all, and respect for the four freedoms.
- embrace liberty, equality, fraternity and teach these values to children
- support each other against bullies, tyrants and stigmatisers
- treat others with respect, dignity, and compassion
The Healing centres will work with people, institutions, public and private organisations, governments, state bodies to overcome and stop the stigma, prejudices, discrimination, and the accompanying hatreds, divisions and injustices caused by these, and to build healing betweeen all persons and all peoples.


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